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dream house, corn field

I have a recurring dream that's not quite a nightmare about an old house.

The dream always starts with me standing in the yard of the house. I hate this house but I know I will have to go inside eventually. It's two story made of black stone and surrounded by a dead lawn with a few blackened trees. The trees still have leaves but they are barely holding on. Surrounding the house is a very high stone wall. I climb it to stare out at the large cornfield. The fort like house is all but lost in it. I have considered running and finding out what is beyond the cornfield but I can't, there is a creature in there. I haven't seen it but I know it's deadly.

Inside the house isn't so bad. It's decked out in dark greens and blues (my favorite colors) and has sturdy (if a bit worn) oak furniture. Downstairs is the kitchen, dinning room, living room, and a large library. My bed room is upstairs. It has a large four poster bed in the center with heavy green velvet drapes that I can pull closed. I feel safe when I am lying in the bed with curtains drawn.

There is a labyrinthine cellar beneath the house. I don't like going down there because that's where she lives. She is a little girl in a red dress with her blond hair pulled back in a red ribbon and she's dead. I think I killed her which is why she hates me. I always put off going into the cellar but I always end up heading down eventually. As much as I hate her I feel compelled to find her and apologize (or finish the job I never fully sure). When I do find her I can never bring myself to say or do anything we just stare at each other until she starts to cry blood and screams at me, "It's all your fault I hate you!" Then I wake up.

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Re: dream house, corn field

The house is you and the yard would represent the ego life that has been affected by the 'creature' that is 'psychologically deadly'. Because you are standing in the yard and looking at this house it most likely represents looking back to experiences/influences/conditions in early life. The description of the lawn {the conditions of your life} suggests things were not so good during that period {or some other period of life that cause strong emotional energies}. This is an obstacle and has prevented proper personal growth {cornfield}. You are unconsciously aware of these influences but consciously may not be aware {repression} or do not wish to give thought to them.

Inside the house suggests although your ego life is in bad shape, your inner life has not been so affected that has caused more serious psychological issues. It may suggest a positive personality despite early life conditions {the dream is addressing your present condition and those experiences/influences that make up who you are}. The comfort you feel safe when in bed may suggest repression issues, drawing the curtains {also a symbol for repressing thoughts}.

The labyrinthine cellar could be a symbol for fears and emotional issues. The little girl could have associations to real life persons but more likely represent an anima aspect which could point to undeveloped/under-developed emotional aspects to your personality and/or sensitive emotional issues. Cellars/basements, anything that is below ground represents unconscious aspects. The red dress may point to strong emotional issues and blond hair a need/desire for a balanced psyche {ego self is out of balance with inner self}. Killing her could represent putting an end to these emotional issues {death seldom ever means a real death but instead an end to something}. You hate these inner turmoils but because they are a part of who you are {conscious and unconscious} you have to eventually confront the issues {heading down eventually/compelled to find her}. When you do attempt {consciously and/or unconsciously} confront the issues. But the issues are so strong they 'yell' at you to be recognized and resolved. You hate to have to confront th emotional issues.

The dream pretty much describes strong emotional issues in your life. Seldom do dreams use a literal representation so unless you actually did 'kill' a little girl that is symbolic. What strong emotional s issues are there would have a control over you? Strong emotional conflicts/issues from early life never go away until confronted and resolved. And often they become motivators to personality and who you are in later life. As with any experienced analyzer of dreams the best that can be provided in an interpretation is periphery view of what emotional issues a dream is attempting to communicate. It is left to the dreamer to come up with the actual details of what those are.


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Re: dream house, corn field

Yes, looking back I probably should have worded that better. No, I have never killed anyone irl. I don't think I could if my life depended on it.

What you say makes sense. My early life was not very good. My parents divorced from when I was little and my mother remarried a man who on top of being a drug dealer was addicted to cocaine and hell of vicious alcoholic. I don't like to think about that time.

I will have to think further on exactly what needs confronted, thank you.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 28/ male Texas

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