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A dream about my best friend

I appreciate your help in identifying what the following dream means:

I dreamt that was going around with a close friend (opposite sex) to search for a house in a foreign country (I recognised the place to be a typical Italian village). While searching, in one of the houses, we met a common friend (who in reality is pregnant) in a room equipped for a baby boy (all in light blue, baby bed and all) no baby was visible and she did not look pregnant.

At one point of the dream, we found the house which she liked. In reality, the house I visualised was her current house in Malta. I can't remember why, my friend and I argued and she left, the dream ended with me searching for her everywhere without finding her.

I know its complicated... but I appreciate guidance.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 36 Malta

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Re: A dream about my best friend

You are searching for something new in your life but having trouble finding it. This could apply to more than one issue, perhaps to do with relationships as well as something to do with creative or spiritual aspects. The female in your dream could represent a real person but she would also represent anima aspects. In your search you find a common friend which on a relationship level may point to someone with common interests. On another level {all dreams have at least two meanings/applications} the common ground could point to inherent need to find the true self within which in Jungian psyche would be the creative/spiritual aspects. Being pregnant would be looking for something new to develop. There is conflict in finding these desired aspects which may because of general life responsibilities/pressures/expectations. The argument may point to disagreements in your waking life but it could also point to inner conflicts, not sure what you want or need to fulfill your life desires.

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Re: A dream about my best friend

Thanks for the interpretation

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