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Bestfriend crying, suddenly turning into a child

Hello, there. I had this very weird dream last night and I'm curios if somebody can help me interpret it.
Me and my bestfriend (Dave) went in another city to visit somebody. We had to share the same hotel room with a person who had done much harm to him in the past, a person who he still cares about. We only had two beds, so he had to choose if he was sleeping beside me or beside him.
Dave looked deep into his eyes and said "Our friendship is over. I don't need you to be happy" and chose to sleep beside me, a thing that made me very happy.
Next day we left the hotel, to find outside a huge frozen field, surrounfed by huge, gray, destoyed buildings. We started ice skating on it, laughing, joking, having a good time, as we would on daily basis. And here is where it get's weird.

We both fell down, slipping on the ice. He landed with his head on my belly. As Dave looked up at me, tears suddenly filled his eyes and he started crying really deeply. I put my hands on his head, trying my best to comfort him. Under my hands, he started shrinking and turned into a 5 years old version of himself.
In that moment, people wearing gray clothes surrounded us, and took him away from me. In the moment i recovered my friend, he was still this small kid, and i grabbed his hand and then I woke up.

Does anybody have any idea about what could this mean? Please help me figure it out, it would mean the world to me.

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Re: Bestfriend crying, suddenly turning into a child

What is it you have in common with your friend Dave, something that relates to having a hard time processing an experience in the present time? Do you share experiences in early life where there was harm done to each of you? These experiences would have a lot to do with your happiness {as well as in Dave's life} as an an adult.


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