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Similar dream to my brother on the same night

Last night my brother had a dream that I had jumped off a bridge into the water under the bridge and killed myself. Last night I had a dream that I was in Paris on top of the eiffel tower with a friend, and my friend pushed me off. Only there was water under the eiffel tower in my dream. I'm a tad freaked out at the moment.
This bridge my brother had a dream I jumped off I take to and from work.

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Re: Similar dream to my brother on the same night

Not to worry. Dreams are very seldom literal, they are symbolic representations where the images represent an emotional energy to an issue/conflict {sometimes positive} in the dreamer's life. It is important to note that your brother's dream will have to do with his emotional state of mind and your dreams yours. You being in his dream would be associated with the relationship with you and/or represent a feminine aspect {anima} within his psyche. I say and/or because often it is both {using the same image/symbol}. Your death {killing yourself} would point to an end to something and not a literal death. Unless you are at risk of killing yourself {because of a dire psychological impairment} then it would be purely symbolic.

As for you and your brother having 'similar' dreams {jumping off something high is the only real real similarity} is probably coincidental and may be because he has knowledge of some aspect of you/your life that affects him {he had the dream because it does have an affect on him emotionally}.

About the images/symbols {realize what you posted is very short and provides not a lot to work with}. The water in both dreams would likely represent an unconscious aspect to his/your emotional state of mind {unconsciously knowledge that is either suppressed, repressed or ignored}. Bridges are links from the unconscious {which cross water} to consciousness {consciously recognizing/acknowledging/confronting the emotional issue}. Bridges are often present in dreams during transitional periods in the dreamer's life. Look at this 'transitional' aspect and see if it fits in your life and fit in some way that would affect him {at least emotionally}. Are you going through a transitional phase that would change your life and have an affect on your brother {being your brother, the closeness undoubtedly cause an emotional response}.

His dream, in the sense it has associations to you as a relationship, would likely be because he has knowledge of some aspect about you which affects him emotionally. The jumping may represent taking a risk of some kind {again to do with emotions}. This 'jumping' would have an affect on you that caused an end to something {divorce, changing jobs, etc}. A tower is very tall and high up and jumping off it may be taking a risk of some kind. The inclusion of the Eiffel tower may be due to a recent exposure to it {saw it on TV, etc} or a personal preference you possess about it. It is foreign }in France} which may suggest jumping off something that you do not know the consequences of. The bridge in his dream is 'one you take' which would again point to an emotional response on his part that relates to you but also affects him. The friend in the dream {was that person named?} if unnamed would represent a part of yourself, you are pushing yourself. If it is a named person then there would be aspects about that person you have in common {that would force you to be 'pushed'}. Being pushed may point to being pressured to do something. In both dreams the 'water is under the bridge' which may point to something that has already been done or decided. If it is not yet done {whatever the experience is you are going through} it may be the decision has been made but there are unconscious questions about it {the unconscious is more likely to be the right direction since consciousness is often blinded by ego}.

If the 'you' in your brother's dream is symbolic of his feminine aspects then the dream would be about his emotions with you being used in a role where he relates to some aspect you both possess {much in the same way as an unnamed person/friend}. It could be focusing on aspects in the relationship with you but the major focus may be about some aspect under transition within him. You represent a feminine aspect within his psyche.

If you cam post a whole dream then perhaps a little more clarity will come with that. Otherwise you will need to look at your life and determine what it sis you are experiencing that affects you and your bother.


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