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a dream about black scorpions,bugs,ants,insect

Kindly help me in interpretation of my dreams,which took place in Pakistan.. In my first dream.
In my dream,I am digging the ground of court yard of my house. Where ever I dig the earth in court yard,just inside the boundary walls on both sides, I saw emerging of a large number of big , black , scorpions,ants,insect ,bugs emerging out of ground and walking around me and my mother,standing with me.I was scared.
In second night dream , I saw my wife lying in court yard of house,where here hands,arms,legs are tied with rope and a tape is sticking on her mouth.She can not free herself.. I saw a young lady standing and steering in a nearby room.I did not recognize that lady.Please help me in understanding the meanings of these dreams.

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Re: a dream about black scorpions,bugs,ants,insect

My sense there are aspects in the relationship with your mother and wife you are struggling with. The first dream seems to be addressing issues barriers/limitations in your life that may have affected your personal growth. The house is you, the court yard your conscious life and the insects, scorpions issues to do with painful situations, probably in early life {earth symbolizing being properly grounded, the ground being the foundations/support system. Your mother standing with you may represent her asserting herself in your life. Being scared often representing experiencing self-doubt and/or feelings of incompetence.

A second possibility is you and your mother shared issues to do with the 'painful situations' in early life {ants, scorpions, bugs, etc. emerging from the ground}. Were there issues to do with your father or some other person{s} you and your mother shared painful experiences?

The second dream may have to do with issues in the relationship with your wife. If the first dream analysis is correct then the relationship with your mother may be an issue. Could it be you feel your wife is much like your mother? Both dreams have an image of the court yard {struggling with fears or perhaps guilt that are bothering you consciously}. Or the relationship with your mother is getting in the way with the relationship with your wife? Also consider your early childhood may have influences from your mother that are creating issues with your wife. You may not be able to free yourself from your mother's influence {as a child and/or as an adult} and that is an issue that causes issues in your own psyche {your wife may not be the problem, the problem would be the mother influences}.

If the second possibility from the first dream is true then the situations that has 'tied' the relationship with your wife would have associations with the same issues that affected you and your mother in early life/childhood. The prime candidate would be the father, your father in the first dream and you as the father in the second dream. It would be the father that has caused the painful issues, your father in your childhood and you in the present.

If I had to choose between the two possibilities I would go with the first, issues to do with your mother that are now affecting your marriage in the present.


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