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Blood Dream

I had two different dreams several months ago in the same night. In both dreams I felt scared, worried, grossed out, concerned and sick. In the first dream I was with someone I think it was my boyfriend and he mentioned that something was in my mouth, it was kind of an out of body experience for me because I could see in my mouth but I was not looking in a mirror. There was some sort of substance in the back of my mouth in my gums, in my dream I thought of it as black tar. I tugged at the tar to try and get it out. Once I did that the tar came out and I started to vomit excessively. My vomit was of blood, chunks of blood it was red everywhere. The chunks had ridges on the outside of them. I looked at one and I saw that there was something very very tiny moving around. While I was vomiting I kept thinking it was intestines. The vomit just kept coming and coming then I woke up. I felt so uneasy and sick, I couldn't stop thinking of it. When I finally fell back to sleep I had another dream, it was of my boyfriend and I in the bath tub and I could tell that it was tied somehow to the last dream that I had. So we were taking a bath together and my boyfriend asked if I thought I would bleed again and in my head I thought of the vomit dream and the blood. He took his hand and started to fornicate with me and I started to bleed A LOT, the bath tub was covered in blood, some slimy chunks of blood everywhere. What could this mean. Thank you for taking the time to read my dream.

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Re: Blood Dream

The image that appears in both dreams is your boyfriend so there is probably associations to that relationship that are relative to your emotional life {dreams are about the emotional issues/conflicts}. Something in the back of your mouth that you try to get out would likely represent something unconscious that needs to be let out so you can objectively confront and resolve the issue. The tar that comes out may symbolize dark emotional aspects and vomiting means emotional issues you need to confront. Blood would symbolize emotional energies and intestines would represent disgusting issues.

In the second dream you and your boyfriend are in a bath tub which may suggest a 'cleansing' is needed. It is tied to the emotional issues in the first dream where there are 'disgusting' issues. There are emotional energies related to this cleansing that you may feel are disgusting. The fornication may be the issue {sex between two people who are not married}. Could that be the issue you are bothered with, sex with your boyfriend and not being married?


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