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Red Tail Hawk and Friends Dream

I had this short dream this morning, which was a bit odd to me, although it has stayed with me.

It's set in what I would say is London, in today's world. But it is set what I think is a tunnel or something underground. My friend Genn is there, and Learch, but also my coworkers Rose and Susan as well. It's some sort of event or auction as I had with me some sort of artifact that I had bought, received (I am not sure). When walking in the tunnel I noticed something flying around me and I raised my arm, and a baby red tail hawk landed on my arm and stayed with me for the rest of my dream.

I know the red tail is my totem animal, but I am curious as to what it means when they show up in my dream and why. I've never dreamt of one before.

Also, when I woke, I found myself missing a friend and missing the dreams that I haven't had in a while of them. Is that odd?

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Re: Red Tail Hawk and Friends Dream

Here is what I get from your dream.

Subconscious or conscious connections to unconscious aspects related to spirituality. What is it that you identity with in your friends and co-workers? The artifact could be a clue. The definition of an artifact is a man made object, something observed in a scientific investigation or experiment that is not naturally present but occurs as a result of an investigative procedure. Could there be aspects related to religion vs spirituality involved in recent experiences?


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