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Today i saw a dream about my uncle is commiting suicide in their garden of his own house. He was committing suicide by using a rope that hang in a tree. My uncle is living in his village. What does that mean? I saw my living person commiting suicide that too my uncle. Please help me.

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Re: death

Two possibilities I see in your dream. One would be concerns you have for your uncle and his well being. Are there reasons to be concerned for him?

The second possibility, and one that usually fits in most dreams where someone commits suicide, would be about characteristics or qualities in your uncle you may be trying to "kill" in your own self. It may be you are like your uncle in some way, negative traits/aspects, and are making attempts to get rid of those traits within your own self.

If there are no outward signs your uncle would harm himself then look to the second possibility. It could be both fit, if he has personal qualities that would cause him to harm himself, traits you do not wish to possess.

Jerry ]meditate]

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