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grim reaper

I was in my house (which in reality isn't my house but knew it was in my dream) which later in the dream I drive by it and it's 2 schools side by side. So i am in my house and I know it's my time to die it's just the feeling I had in the dream. my best friend was also aware of my feelings of my death inside my dream. There was no sadness or fear. I was alone though My best friend wasn't present. and I see the grim reaper in a small loft type place it was hard to see but I was aware it was him and I asked if it was my time and with no sound responce I felt the answer yes just as I felt it was my time. I sit near him and start to let old memories flood through me but I never feel or see these mememories I just feel them. A lot in the dream I just felt or knew. when things go dark and I'm going through what I'd say was a tunnel I was thiking two thoughts "how did I die? What will be family be told?" And "my best friend will come and clean up anything I wouldn't want my dad to see" the tunnel was dark but warm and me being curious tried to touch the edges and they were soft like a blankEt.the tunnel process was short but fast. I knew I'd get the answers to my question as soon as the tunnel ended and I'd be on "the other side." I never saw the other side but in fact woke back up in the same house knowing it had been weeks sense I left and the house was a bit ran sacked. I heard men with guns and now I was afraid. After trying to figure out how to grab some of my things and leave I was spotted and told to "get the f out" I said it was my dead friends house. They respond that the house had been sold and they were CleaNing it out. I then responded wit I'd like to collect some things and I'll be on my way. I call my best friend not sure how I had a phone I don't remember having the call but that it happened. I told my best friend to get her old friends things she wanted before it all was gone. She got to the house and said she knew it was me (my soul in a different body which at the time I didn't know what body I had..later i asked in my dream who i looked like and my reponse was similar to the old you). We had a moment of love and went throughout the house. that's the most I can remember. A few little details I remember like I didn't want to be seen by anyone but my best friend it seemed NeCessary no one knew. I'm just curious on what this could mean. I've had scary dreams with scary scenarios mostly tornado and natural disasters but nothing along these lines. Any ideas I'd love to hear. Thank you for reading as I'm on my mobile which is a bit harder to type out. Thank you again.

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Re: grim reaper

My sense the dream is straight forward in addressing strong, negative emotional issues from your past. There are rejected aspects to your life that want to be brought out, negative aspects that may be repressed due to the emotional pain associated with them. The dream statement, "old memories flood through me but I never feel or see these memories I just feel them" points to these negative aspects. Most likely there have been recent events that brought these experiences to your subconscious if not to consciousness and this stimulated this particular dream {although most all your dreams will have elements to do with this specific issue}. It would be something emotionally that you do not want to confront and/or do not want other people to know about {either because of the trauma involved with them or/and because it involves an experience{s} with known people you do not wish to expose}. The house is you representing the inner aspects that are stored within your unconscious. The schools are learning experiences that need to be brought out from the unconscious to consciousness {the tunnel}. The old friend is a part of yourself {if it is a known person there would be something they possess you identity with}. Your inner self needs emotional 'cleaning' and when this is done you will be able to love yourself, having brought out the rejected parts and bringing them to an end {an end to something-symbolic of death/dying in a dream}.

What experiences in earlier life are there that possess emotional energies that you would repress, do not want to think about or/and do not want others to know about? Often such experiences involve people who betray your trust and very often occur in childhood when you are most venerable. These experiences are stored within your unconscious and continue to be an influence in your life and on your personality. The statement about 'friend cleaning up anything you would not want your dad to see' probably has meaning to the emotional issues the dream is trying to communicate. The things you do not want him to see may be actual experiences you did not want him to see at that specific time but could also involve him specifically {did he do something to you emotionally if not physically?}. There is no doubt something that has been 'pushed' back into the unconscious because of the emotional pain involved. Until the emotional issues are brought out and your unconscious is 'cleansed' of the emotional pain it will continue to be a force in your life {unconsciously if not consciously} and could be a motivator to your actions as an adult and affect your personality.


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