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Reoccurring dream for 1 year - frustratingly misdialing someone from my past

So I've had this reoccurring dream for over a year now about a very close friend that I don't communicate with anymore.. Same concept but different environment where I have my phone, someone else's phone or a pay phone and I know who I'm trying to call and I know the number but I keep misdialing. I type in 4 and phone shows me 2 etc... It's a really frustrating process where I try and dial the number several times but cant dial the number properely... I've looked up on this and the gist of it is communication problems etc.. My problem here is that it's reoccurring and causes me frustration and anxiety in my dream and that feeling comes through in my woken life... We were best friends for 8 years and our relationship was very special with a lot of depth. I have struggled a lot to let go of him and it's been almost 3 years now that he cut me out of his life... There was no goodbye or closure for me. He just vanished out of my life. He apologized for it 9 months later but we still have nothing to do with each other... One year this dream has been bugging me and lastnight for the first time, I dialed the number right and he answered straight away and we had a pleasant conversation. This has made me more confused than ever.. I'm not sure if I should attemp to call this person in real life or let it be.. And what is my subconscious trying to tell me? I miss him dearly :(

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23/F/Melbourne

Re: Reoccurring dream for 1 year - frustratingly misdialing someone from my past

My sense of your dreams is a need/desire to resolve inner conflicts in understanding why he ended the relationship. The mis-dialing was probably reflecting your inability to understand and the dream was revealing your frustration. Dream images are most always symbolic and the phone is a symbol for communication with yourself as well as with others. I'll explain in more detail.

The conversation you are trying to have is primarily with yourself although there are likely elements of a desire to communicate with your friend also {all dreams and all dream images/symbols have at least two meanings/applications}. Your male friend not only represents the literal person but also your masculine aspects. That masculine aspect would be the lacking the ability to understand the reasoning to why the relationship ended {the masculine is more tuned to reason while the feminine is more tuned to intuition/emotions}. But you may have intuitively/unconsciously sensed the reasons for his actions {the number 4 can symbolize intuitiveness} but there was conflict {the number 2 would symbolize conflict/duality} to consciously understand. Dialing the number over and again would represent your frustration and going over time and again why. The masculine aspect {a lack of} may also be reflected in your inability to let go.

The latest dream again is with yourself, in particular your masculine self. Something has occurred that has allow or will allow you to resolve the inner conflict. It may be you are on the verge of being able to 'let go', or you may already have reached the point of being able to let go. Anytime a conflict is resolved in a dream it is a reflection of the true conditions in your waking life, or points to what will occur and the dream is compensating that {dreams seldom predict, they compensate what you already know}. Has there been some type of closure in recent days, or something that would help you find closure to this conflict? The dream suggests this. If it has not happened already then it would reflect you are finally in a position to resolve the conflict. The last dream was definitely positive although you came away more confused. It could be the intuitive feelings you had about why the relationship ended are finally ready to be realized. To make you even more confused is that may be a result of your posting the dream{s} for interpretation. The one word that suggest that may be so {in my mind} is the 'depth' which could point to a strong intuitive sense but have yet to trust those senses {again a lack of masculine aspects}.

The numbers in your dream could point to a possible archetypal association which would reflect a strong {but not yet realized} intuitive sense. The numbers nine and four are archetypal numbers {in Jungian psyche} and the way the numbers play out fit with this pattern. You type in 4 but get the phone shows the number 2 {4 representing resolution and 2 conflict}. If you take the numbers and multiply them you get 8, the number of years you were best friends. The number 3 is the base number for the number 9 {nine represent wholeness, completion as well as the feminine power/goddess}. 3 is not quite whole or not resolved> It has been 3 years since the relationship ended and 9 months later he apologized but gave no explanation. In your last dream you dialed the number correctly and the inclusion of all these numbers in your post {they don't have to be in the dream but are a part of the unconscious which is reflected in your posting the numbers} may point to the intuitive aspect. If indeed you have not found a conscious resolution to the issue {2 issues-not understanding/knowing why he ended the relationship and your inability to let go} then look to the intuitive sense. It may all come together when you do that. That would explain the last dream and the ability to have the 'pleasant conversation' with yourself {unconsciously of course}.

I do hope you will provide a follow up response. I would be interested in the last dream and what you find.


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Re: Reoccurring dream for 1 year - frustratingly misdialing someone from my past

Thank you so much jerry for taking the time to break down all these vital points. I very much appreciate your view and it all makes so much sense! For the first time in a long time, I had no dreams about this person last night and woke up refreshed which hasn't happened in a long time... I've been ignoring this dream and not giving the time it deserved to recognize these points as I have emotionally suppressed myself in terms of coping with loosing him but I've come to terms with the reality and I know I still have a long way to go but I think I'm very close to resolution and feel like it's not haunting me in my dreams so much anymore.. Won't speak too soon... I'll put up any posts if I have anymore relevant dreams in the near future. Again thank you for your assistance :)

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23/f/melbourne

Re: Reoccurring dream for 1 year - frustratingly misdialing someone from my past

I appreciate the response to my analysis. As I stated in my interpretation the final dream pointed to a measure of closure. Your response about coming to terms with reality and being very close to resolution confirms that assessment. But more than that, and more important, is it shows how you really feel which is where you want to be. You are on the verge of resolving the issue of 'not being able to let go' {unlike the conscious ego which will deny/hide your true self, dreams are all about truth and your true emotional state of mind}. Consciously you should soon be able to feel what the unconscious dream has stated.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 64 Cocoa, Fl

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