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multiple incidents dream, all disturbing

I just woke from the most disturbing dream I've ever had.
First, I went to visit an acquaintance and she was crippled. I couldn't find my truck when I left her house. I used my dog to try to track it down. He turned into a man that I kissed.
Then my husband and I watched as my daughter (not his) was pleasured by her boyfriend and a stranger. I went ballistic saying it isn't normal. I beat her and her boyfriend. And threatened them if they ever did the same to my grandson. Then she and my husband informed me that they sleep together. He had removed the guns from the house so I beat him senseless. And woke up in a pool of sweat, almost hyperventilating. Please help.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, f, austin, tx

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Re: multiple incidents dream, all disturbing

I get mixed signals from the dream that may be due to overlapping experiences in two different periods of your life. The opening part of the dream is fairly explicit {emotional crippling} but the source of those emotional conflicts are not so clear. here is what i get from the dream. Your response may provide clarity and help in understand in the dream message.

What part of you is crippled emotionally. The acquaintance would be an unconscious 'acquaintance' {aspect of yourself} that is crippled. The lost truck could represent aspects related to these emotions that are weighing you down but you are not consciously aware of its energies {experiences stored within the unconscious}. The dog turning into a man may represent someone who you think of who offers protection, affection, etc. That person turned into someone think of as being trusted.

My sense of the rest of the dream is there were experiences when you were younger {your daughter would be you} that were not 'normal'. It could involve someone you thought of as a trusted person but there was a betrayal of your trust. There may be issues involving family members to do with issues of authority and dependence {guns} which may result in actions of open passivity toward that person {consciously} but aggressive energies within your unconscious toward yourself. It could be a person from your past as well as the present {perhaps two different people who share the same qualities}. Ignoring actions of such a person {conscious passivity} may be a result of early life experiences. Unconsciously you may possess anger toward people from your early life which may affect your own personality and aggressive tendencies toward yourself if not others. You mat possess anger toward yourself as well. There may be fears of danger to members of your current family members.

The primary issue is the crippled parts of you and the reasons for them. Early life experiences involving trusted people may be a part of those experiences and either you possess certain tendencies because of those experiences that make you aggressive towards others or/and there are current experiences that are related to early life that cause you concern. The crippled emotions may have begun in childhood but are still a part of your life {either within your own actions or/and people who you trust but are afraid of betrayal}. Once you determine what the crippled aspects are the rest of the actions in the dream should fall into place.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 64 Cocoa, Fl

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