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Burning daughter and dog

I had a very upsetting dream last night. In the dream I prepared an open fire which looked like it was inside.I then brought my sleeping daughter and dog and placed them in the fire up to their neck in burning coal.I watched and hoped they wouldn't wake up cause I knew if they did they would feel the pain. Then I noticed my daughters eyes opening and she began to panic. I woke up after that.

I am interested in understanding this dream.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 46 female ireland

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Re: Burning daughter and dog

I see two applications to the dream images and actions {all dreams have at least two meanings/applications}. The primary issue {emotional} is likely actions in your waking life that cause conflict but with the images pointing to life experiences that are unconscious motivators for the conflicts. The dream would be addressing both, an effort to help inform you of actions you are not fully aware as well as why you would act as you do {personality qualities}. I'll explain the images as symbolic references {dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor} then provide a summary of what may be the issues that need to be recognized and resolved {the function of dreams is to help the dreamer resolve emotional conflicts/issues}.

An open fire may represent outer actions that are a result of unconscious forces {looked like it was inside}. The fire could be emotional energies representing either/and anger, destructive behavior, passion, desire, etc. Being open could point to conscious actions, open in they are conscious experiences. Your sleeping daughter may represent both your actual daughter {she is a part of your life and would share in your life experiences} as well as you as a daughter. In the latter application the 'fire' would be pointing to early life experiences/influences that helped form your personality and psyche. Those experiences/influences could result in adult actions that are unconsciously motivated {motivated due to 'learned' experiences from early life}. Such actions {fire image} would affect both yourself and possibly your daughter in the present. You could be conscious of the conscious experiences in the present {knowing your daughter may be affected} but not of the unconscious energies thatb are a result of childhood experiences that have become unconscious motivators as an adult.

The dog could symbolize your instinctual feelings, emotions related to the knowledge that something isn't emotionally right {that could involve your actual daughter}. Also your dog, like your daughter, is a part of your conscious life so would be a participant in your life as well {but his inclusion in the dream would be more symbolic}. Thus the dream could be addressing inner issues that have resulted in outer conscious actions. These actions affect your daughter but may be the result of you as a daughter {early life experiences/influences} It could there is a fear your daughter may be in a similar position as you when you were a young girl. Those experiences when you were a child may be unconsciously motivating your actions as an adult. Thus they affect both of you.

Placing your daughter {and dog} in the fire would suggest they are sharing in your life actions. But they could also be addressing yourself having been placed into this emotional condition {fire} due to earlier life experiences {strong emotional energies that are within the unconscious and are motivating forces}. The burning coal would suggest emotional energies that burning within you with the coal representing unconscious energies {burning coal produces energy}. What may be an important symbol/image would be the neck. Not only could it point to a measure of how strong these emotional issues have become {up to your neck} but also something deeper. The symbolic meaning of the neck often means the relationship between the mind/mental and the body/physical. It represents willpower, self-restriction and your need to control your feelings and keep them in check.

Watching refers to an unconscious aspect {the unconscious takes in everything whereas the ego sees only what it wishes}. What needs to be awoken would be the need to recognize your conscious actions as well as the unconscious motivators {the latter being what causes the former}. But there is a reluctance to do the latter because of the pain involved {hoping they wouldn't wake up, you as the daughter and the dog representing conscious instincts of fear}. Not wanting your real daughter to awaken would be not wanting her to share in the same experiences and share your pain.

The reluctance is also symbolized in the eyes opening and panic. This suggests there is something within you {you are the daughter} that would cause panic. The word panic can also be taken as 'unthinking behavior' which would point to the unconscious aspects I spoke of. So far as an actual experience {the dream having two meanings/applications}, if your daughter should have to experience something strongly negative it could lead to negative impressions left on her. Such negative impressions in your early life may be at least partially responsible for the position you find yourself as an adult.

Two meanings/applications
One. There is a burning emotional issue in your life that could affect your daughter. You do not wish her {your actual daughter} to suffer pain because of these issues. It is likely an issue that has come to a head and can not go much further {up to 'their' neck-your daughter's and you as a daughter}. You do not wish for her to wake up to conditions you have had to endure.

Two. You are the daughter and the fire {anger, destructive behavior, passions that may be wrongly directed, etc} would be a result of earlier life experiences that have been stored within the unconscious because of the strong emotional energies. I see this application as a part of the dream message {usually a part of all dreams} because of the language of 'wouldn't wake up' which usually points to unconscious stimuli.

What experiences would fit with the above, especially the first application {the second you probably would not be aware of}. The fire would be the defining image. Could it be anger, or worse destructive behavior? There is emotional pain involved and the panic could be real if it is to the point you are at the end of your rope in dealing with the conscious issue. Resolving the conscious issue is a primary concern involving your daughter. Resolving the unconscious issues is as important or you may repeat the same actions. Such actions would be unconsciously motivated, a negative part of your personality that requires resolution and possible changes.


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