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Recurring dream from youth now reality

For many years, during late high school/college age, I had dreams that changed situations, but had a recurrent theme. I would be trying to tell people something important, sometimes shouting at them and they would either be ignoring me or laughing at me. I would be so upset, crying sometimes, trying to get them to see. The dream stopped in my mid-20's. I have always been the person to speak out when I see something wrong, and the majority of the time I get repercussions, because most people just want things status quo. Pointing out things that are wrong is causing trouble where there was "none". No more than now though does this really show itself, some 20 years later. To make a long story short, I have recently brought some issues up in a Board meeting, only to have the final outcome conclude that the situation was blown out of proportion, meaning I have made a mountain out of a molehill, once again. The funny thing is though, I brought facts, all facts, backed up by others. I have become the scapegoat in these situations. Instead of dealing with the truth and what is really happening, they choose to focus on me and how I make a big deal out of things. It is just too eerily similar to the recurring dreams I used to have that would really psychologically bother me, even after awaking. I am not an easy believer of weird connections, but this is really bothering me. I am beginning to feel just like I did in the dreams. Any thoughts? I would appreciate it.

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Re: Recurring dream from youth now reality

First let me state an actual dream will help identify the reason for your dreams than just a summary} although the summary may illustrate recognizable patterns and point to the meaning/intent of the dreams. Dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor and when the dream images are analyzed their representations will point to emotional issues/experiences/patterns that can be interpreted by a trained dream analyst. Every image has meaning {at least two} and although the images may be universal {a house is an aspect of the dreamer, is the dreamer} the personal aspects may add or subtract from the what the actual images represents.

The Analysis
Your dreams are likely addressing at least two, probably three emotional issues in your life. One would be the recent board meeting where you had your facts and figures together but was ignored. Hard to state as a fact but that may have had to do with prejudices by other board members {were the majority men?} or issues to do with personality {your outspoken personality may have ruffled feathers among board members}. Because it was an emotional issue it would be natural to have this type dream. The primary function of dreams is to help resolve the emotional issues, its nature's device much like the immune system is to the body.

A second reason for the dream may have been the same attitude displayed by the board members also fit people in your life prior to your mid 20s. Did your environment change about that time? The dreams during the late high school/college age may have been related to people just before you began having these type dreams or/and may have been related to early life issues of childhood. If your early life was one where you were ignored {especially on a parenting level} then the dream would also/and/or be dealing with those early life issues. If there were such early life issues then your personality development may have been influenced by being ignored/not given proper attention. Your personality and the need to assert yourself would compensate for not being listed to/given proper attention in childhood. And/or actual experiences where you were ignored about things you brought up. There may have been constant experiences where you were accused of blowing things out of proportion. We all are products of our early life environment, those early life experiences/influences providing the foundations for personality/attitudes and how we act in later life. If being ignored was an experience before you had the dreams {normally you will have the dreams after the having had the experience} and was an emotional issue then your dreams would attempt to help you resolve the issues {bringing the unconscious energies related to the experiences to conscious attention so you are aware of them}.

The third possibility would be the dreams would be pointing inward, attempting to bring to conscious aspects about yourself that are being ignored. The yelling would be an unconscious voice attempting to bring to conscious attention emotional issues that need resolution. You may be ignoring personal qualities that need adjustment or changing. In your waking life you make sure to have the facts about waking issues but in your true self you may do just the opposite {dreams are about your true self, true attitudes, things that may not be displayed in your waking life}. If you would take what you penned in your post and apply it to your unconscious/true self you may discover aspects that fit. The ego will attempt to hide these type attitudes scapegoating the true attitudes to fit the waking life. Also consider there may be issues in your life where the sentence, "Instead of dealing with the truth and what is really happening, they choose to focus on me and how I make a big deal out of things" may have to do with early life childhood experiences that you do not wish to deal with or have pushed deep into the unconscious where they are hidden away {due to the emotional pain they cause}.

The dreams do seem to be focusing on emotional issues of being ignored. It could have to do with more than one aspect of 'being ignored' {very likely}. If you would post an actual dream with this theme I should be able to provide better possibilities to what the issues are. One would definitely to do with the board meeting but I would think they go deeper than that. As for showing itself now, you are in that stage {mid-life} where these things come up. In our early life/adulthood we are looking forward, family, education, career, etc. When we reach 40 we begin to look back attempting to reconcile the emotional issues that have accumulated during life that are in conflict. Childhood issues are always a part of that, depending on how well/bad a childhood that was experienced {most people have some type childhood issues, usually negative. Again I suggest you take what you penned in your post and see if any fits your personality and to what degree. And posting an actual dream may reveal the true intent of the dreams.


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