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Woke up crying after nightmare.

I was being held hostage in what seemed like a cabin. When I managed to get out, I saw the place filled with children and their parents,as well as many young adults from my real life college class and other strangers. The main bad guy (who had me hostage in the first place)had ordered his people to shoot all the children and parents as they drove off the property. He announced it out loud so the parents knew what was going to happen. I saw my favorite comedian crying, because he probably knew he and his son would die soon.I started crying hysterically and told the young adults that we should die instead because the children haven't lived, and at least we have gotten to live longer. I was yelling and crying that the children were innocent and they deserve to live. But they wouldn't listen. I managed to escape outside and I could have left, but I couldn't leave knowing that all the children and parents inside would die and that the killings would go on. I saw on a table the flesh of children and parents killed and fell to my knees and cried more. The young adults were just talking amongst themselves or on their phones in the front yard like if nothing was happening. I had begged for the people to kill us instead but they ignored. And even if I offered my own life, the killings would go on without my existence so I didn't know what to do. I just kept crying because I felt these children were innocent and I didn't know what I could do to save them.

I woke up and felt sad realizing what I dreamed and cried a bit.

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Re: Woke up crying after nightmare.

Anytime there are images of children in the dream, especially the beginning dialog, the dream is focusing on childhood issues. The hostage is you and your emotions which would be related to childhood experiences/influences. The young adults are probably you as a young adult {20 yrs old} and the affect your childhood has on you as motivators for personality and actions. The parents in the dream may point to parental relationships which could to do with how they treated you as a child. Parents in a dream usually symbolizes both power, shelter, and love, aspects that are needed for proper parenting.

The bad guy may be someone other than a parent but could represent inner masculine qualities which are trying to 'announce' unconscious energies/emotions about parental relationships that are now controlling agents over your emotional self. In your dream the parents are aware of what is to happen which may point to an awareness of the unconscious relationship with parents that need to be made conscious {so to know what they are and be resolved}. The innocent children would be about just that, innocent childhood that was affected by emotional turmoil. These past experiences would what be holding 'you' hostage. The parents inside could be a metaphor for the inner emotional relationship with your parents. Dead parents may point to non existent good parenting. Or inside you may feel dead toward your parents. Crying is a symbol for a release of negative emotions. Actual crying upon waking would suggest very strong emotional energies that need resolution.

Look back at your childhood and determine what issues there are that would be holding you hostage as an adult. What was the relationship with your parents, good bad? It could be there were experiences that negatively affected both you and your parents and the dream is focused on that. If the parental relationship was bad then that would be the focus. Something in your childhood seems to have robbed you of your 'innocence'. It could have been physical or psychological or both. Either way it affects you life as an adult and will continue to do so until the issues are resolved.


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