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I Guess I'm an Oaf

I had a dream that my grandpa who passed a couple of weeks ago was still alive. He was still on hospice in my dream so I was there too. I was walking past my aunt's room and she was plotting to steal all of his money in a check when he died. I kept trying to tell my father, but he seemed to be ignoring me for some reason. I somehow managed to get the message through to him and then my cousin was really ****** that I told him. She called me an oaf.

My grandpa and I did not have a very close relationship. He lived about an hour away and I did not see him as often. My immediate family and I visited him a lot towards the end though. My grandpa was very funny and charismatic. He was very kind and always smiling. He developed cancer about five years ago and did not want to get treatment because he didn't want anyone to have to take care of him because my aunts all have their own lives and my grandma, who he basically lived for, ran off with another man.

My aunt that was plotting to steal all his money in real life is very nice and I'd like to think well meaning but she is very self absorbed and irresponsible. Most of the girls on that side of the family are very materialistic, they care what you look like. My aunt is kind of ditsy.

My cousin that called me an oaf is very materialistic too. She married into money. She's very funny and sarcastic. She has four kids and is a stay at home mom. The last pair of heels she bought cost $1000.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 28 female maryland

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Re: I Guess I'm an Oaf

Dreams speak in a language of symbol {the images and actions in the dream} and metaphor {the images/actions are about you}. Dreams are about emotional issues that are in conflict} The relatives in your dream would represent emotional aspects and/or aspects they possess that you identify with {your grandfather was in hospice for urgent care and that would translate that some part of you is in the same position emotionally}.

Here is what I get from your dream when analyzing the images and actions.

There are aspects you identify with your grandfather {not having a close relationship?} that addresses issues of protection and security in your life {your dreams are about you and other people would either represent you or their relationship with you}. Like your grandfather {in hospice} you are in need of urgent care {emotional}. There are aspects about yourself or/and others you do not like and those issues deprive you of self worth/value {money}. You feel ignored by others {possibly including father/parents} and the related aspects to those issues make you feel less than you should.

Does this fit with your emotions? Look at the relationship with your father and determine if there was something missing {ignoring you}.This may be the central theme of the dream, something missing that is vital to how you feel about yourself. Something or someone {perhaps several people} seems to make you feel ignored which affects how you feel about yourself. The dream message to your father {likely his real self and your relationship with him, especially when you were younger} could involve these feelings. You would be angry at yourself, your cousin representing familiar aspects in that relationship that fit with how you feel about yourself {an oaf}.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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Re: I Guess I'm an Oaf

Wow your interpretation makes a lot of sense. I have one Maybe two close relationship so my grandpa dying could be not having close relationships. In my dream I viewed my aunt and cousin as selfish and materialistic. There's probably some part of me that feels like that. I know I hold some resentment towards my dad for not helping me monetarily, since he is basically rich buy has not helped me a dime since I moved out. Also he worked a lot during my childhood and was never really around. I had never realized that I even felt ignored like that but not just by him but by his entire side of the family since I was little. I was always the youngest but my aunt was only a year older than me. When I was younger I would always try to get her to play but she just wanted to sleep or something even when she came to our house. My other aunts are older and have never really paid much attention to me. I was never close with them. Because of this I also ignore them. I ditch our easter brunch yesterday. I mostly avoid hem. I try to get out of going there whenever possible because it's still so boring everything I go out there. They all talk about "which new iPhone should I get." And I feel like I cannot relate because I have repressed the side of myself that likes those kinds of things and I pretend not to.

Also I think for my gather it's can be looked at as me not being heard. My opinion was never important or even relevant. It was always about what they wanted to do and I still have this attitude. The missing part of me is me not listening to myself and still doing what I'm "supposed to."

Thank you for your help

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 28/female maryland

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Re: I Guess I'm an Oaf

Thanks for your response. It verifies what I saw in this short dream and offers more insights to how dreams function. I ask for a response to my analysis/interpretations specially for this reason, to demonstrate how dreams use symbolic images as metaphors to the emotional energies of the dreamer. All dreams are tools for learning more about the unconscious stimuli/motivators. Every dream has a message {usually two or more} and because of the insights of Jungian psyche we can translate the images/symbols and understand what the messages are. Dreams are no longer the great mystery they once were because of Jung's efforts.

About Your Dream
Your dream spoke to exactly what you provided about your life, aspects related to those people who should/could have offered more emotional support when you were young as well as what the emotional issues were/are. When known persons are imaged in a dream, especially relatives, the relationship with them is often the focus of the dream. But their presence points toward emotional energies within you they represent as well as the relationship itself {known persons who are not relatives or who are extremely close usually point to traits they possess you identify with and not so much the relationship with them}. Your grandfather's hospice care denoted your own need for emotional urgent care {"so I was there too"} which you failed to receive from your father {"I kept trying to tell my father, but he seemed to be ignoring me for some reason"} as well as others. This made you feel less than you should have been and personality wise likely remains an issue, an issue as a result to being 'ignored' {"She/cousin called me an oaf}. The actions in the dream presented a recognizable pattern once the images/symbols were interpreted and understood. A trained dream analyst {using Jungian psyche} will be able to interpret the images/symbols and will recognize the patterns, metaphorical references to the dreamer's emotional life. Your dream was clear in its message {at least in my mind} and your response verifies the analysis.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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