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Seeing Psychic Dream Interpretation?

Hello! I am new to this board. I had a disturbing dream last night, and I am hoping I can find some help to spell this one out of me. Sorry if you are members of multiple boards, I have posted on two other boards I found on google. I'm just hoping to get some answers and peace of mind.

Last night, I had a very strange dream that has stuck with me all morning. It really freaked me out after I googled what it could mean, and I am hoping some of you might have insight. My dream went like this:

My best friend and I went to a psychic. My friend got read first, and the psychic pointed out troubles with her animals (that aren't happening in real life) and other things. I remember getting emotional in my dream because the psychic was so accurate. Then the psychic read me. She said she was talking to a man I had stabbed, all the way to the handle. She also told me to avoid dark truck stops (or parking lots?). She then told me a few other things that I don't remember, and I remember looking at a map about where I would be moving.. And then thinking in my dream to not stop at a truck stop (or parking lot).

I have read that this could mean it will happen. I have read that this means my business ventures will fail. It's really concerning me this morning.

Does anyone have any idea?

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Re: Seeing Psychic Dream Interpretation?

My sense of the dream is it is trying to communicate a need for you to utilize and trust your intuitive instincts and not let your emotional self take control. There may have been a recent experience that required these instinctive aspects but instead you may have let your emotional self guide you. I suspect it is also addressing the need to use your intuitive/instinctive aspects in general. Stabbing the man would symbolize a need to pierce your masculine attitudes and take full control of your emotional life by regenerating these unconscious/intuitive/instinctive abilities {stabbing the man, all the way to the handle}. Let your intuitive mind lead you {map} instead of the emotional. Not stopping at the truck stop/parking lot would represent not trusting/taking time to utilize these inner skills.

In summary I sense there may have been a recent experience where you needed to use your intuitive mind instead of letting your emotions take control. But the dream also seems to be addressing your intuitive abilities and not using them to the full extent. You may need to learn to trust your intuitive instincts, let those aspects lead you and not the emotional self. If you are involved with new business ventures it may point to a need to use your intuitive instincts not only in business matters but also in general.
Note: I was self employed general contractor for 30+ years and I have a keen intuitive mind {which is essential in analyzing/interpreting dreams}. Using these skills were invaluable in dealing with people and in my business. The ability to 'know' someone instantly is invaluable. Your dream may be addressing your abilities and a need to use them in decision making instead of letting emotional aspects take charge {making decisions emotionally}. I suggest you develop these skills. here is a link that will hep in doing that 4 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition.


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