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Taxidermy head of myself

I dream every night, which I hate but last night I had one of the weirdest dreams ever that I would like your feedback on.

I dreamt that I was in my grandparents house and I was looking around at the photos on the wall. I was looking to see if they had any of me. I looked around at the fireplace there are 4 taxidermy heads, me being one of them and some of my other family members (but not all as we are a family of 6).
When I looked at the mantel piece I was no longer in my grandparents’ house, I was in a chapel. I walked over to the taxidermy of myself and went up close to look at me when the spirit of myself dragged me up close (floating in the air) and said I have a message for you. I asked what the message was and she said ‘you do not have cancer now but you need to start taking care of your body’. I wasn’t at all frightened but more concerned. I have just come back from a pretty busy weekend away with friends eating and drinking to copious amounts. Recently I have been having several dreams of being possessed by the devil, which startled me when I was talking to people in the devil voice (once again this dream was in a church). I am not religious at all.

I live on the other side of the world from my family and have zero contact with them. Today is my birthday and I will not hear from them. I don’t know if the dreams relating to my family because they have been on my mind in today’s lead up or not.

I havent spoken to my siblings for years and in my dream I was talking to my brothers wife (who used to be my girlfriend before I set them up) but haven't acknowledged why we were not talking and it was very strained.

Would love your interpretation. Thanks Jerry.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 38 Melbourne Australia

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Re: Taxidermy head of myself

The dream is probably focusing on family relationships {or lack of} which was probably prompted by your recent experience of talking with your brother's wife as well as your birthday. But my sense is the dream is focusing more on deeper issues to do with self image and self worth.

The dream starts at your grandparents house which, besides possibly representing the actual experiences there as a younger person, would symbolize love, security, wisdom and protection {from family as well as within yourself-both may be lacking}. The photos on the wall would represent impressions of yourself that has barriers {negative impressions of oneself}. The fireplace would represent warmness and security and the 4 heads would represent a self image in need of wholeness {the number 4 represents complete wholeness, body and spirit}. There are barriers to this warmness and security, being whole, due to mental/psychological processes {head}. The taxidermy would point to dead parts within you. You may see yourself as physically whole {the number 6} but spiritually, internally you are not.

You go from your grandparents' house to a chapel. I see this as implying there are issues from early life that now require an 'uplifting' from those issues. The chapel/church may point to an actual turning to spiritual/religious endeavors but would also represent an internal chapel {uplifting of spirit}. It is when you look at the mantel, the foundations for the fireplace and symbolically of what your life is built upon, you will discover what the issues are. You have to go inward {psychological as well as spiritual} to make these discoveries. It is when you take a close look {inward/psychologically} you will discover the message that governs the issues that are in conflict. The primary message seems to be of issues to do with your self image {are there issues there?} that stem from issues to your self worth. The cancer is issues to do with self image with the cure being in resolving the issues to do with self worth. Those issues {self worth} go back to your grandparents house, your childhood, your foundations.

Note: the message about taking care of your body may be an actual instruction to do just that. Is that an issue?

I believe the primary message of the dream has to do with issues of self image/self worth. Were there experiences during childhood that would create such issues? The inclusion of spirit may point to an actual spiritual search. That is not conclusive but often such language points to the possibility.


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Re: Taxidermy head of myself

Hi Jerry,

I think you hit the nail on the head with your interpretation, thank you.

I do have issues with self image and worth. I left home when I was 16 and moved to the other side of the world. My father and the first two serious relationships I ever had used to tell me I was fat and ugly and worthless I was. Needless to say you start to believe it but I am not fat and ugly and I have a wonderful husband who tells me everyday how beautiful I am and to stop the negative talk.

I have spent so many years trying to work on these issues and over the last 6 months I have gained a 25 pounds due to emotional eating which was partly due to me cutting my family off via email. They never email me or speak to me and for years I have carried the relationship until I decided to see how long it would take for them to contact me. Unfortunately it took two years and when it happened I got it off my chest and didn't want to speak to them again.

No one has perfect relationships with their family and there's certainly good reason why I moved to Australia from Canada.

I have posted several dreams on your forum and despite all the 'work' I have been doing with my psychologist, I need to do more and a lot of your comments point to my emotionally abusive childhood.

You have certainly given me food for thought...and I am trying my best now to get back on track with my weight and work towards a better me.

thank you Jerry.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 38 Melbourne Australia

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