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May 8 - A Road Trip, A River, & Flying Blowfish

The only additional details I have given are a brief description of who the characters are to me in real life.

I’m going on a road trip to Montana with the Smiths [family friends from childhood]. I am extremely excited, bouncing off the walls. I have a book of maps and I’m plotting my course to get there so I can see as many new states as possible. I am shown a map of ‘Texas Air Force Base’ and try to decide if I want to drive through it, or if that would even be allowed by the Air Force.

As I pack, I’m also looking at pictures of the different places I’ll visit and wonder if I might see Oregon somehow on the trip. Then it seems that I won’t be driving with the Smiths. I’ll instead be driving by myself and will meet them out there at some point. I’m talking to Jenny Smith [the mother of the Smith family, roughly my mother's age] about it. Mom tells me repeatedly not to worry about money because she has more than enough. I’m looking everywhere for my digital camera because I want to take it and take lots of pictures.

We all go out to breakfast at a Denny’s but I don’t know who all is with me besides Jason [my husband] and Mom and Rob [my younger brother]. A woman named Carole White hands me something with a knowing look and says I should give it to Tina [my husband's ex-wife]. It’s like Carole and I have an inside joke. No one else understands it. I look in my hand and she has given me some empty ketchup and mayonnaise packs to give to Tina. She also has given me some full mayonnaise packs to take on my trip. I’m supposed to leave today.

I go to CVS to buy some supplies. I’m browsing a dead-end aisle with goods surrounding me on three sides. Allison [a manager at my job] points to the aerosol deodorant I’ve been using and asks if it is working for me. I tell her it’s not really working and I am looking for something new.

There’s a woman behind me and to my left yelling for the man who is in the aisle with me to come to her and help her with something. He and I have been chatting. He is a white man with a strange snaggle-tooth. The woman behind me wants him to come help her pick up her glass of water. I turn to her finally and she is a black woman about eight months pregnant. Her plastic cup of water with a straw sticking out is down on the bottom shelf and pushed back. She can’t bend down because of her pregnancy. I realize they are married. I tell her I will get her water cup for her. The man tries to beat me to it and says there’s no need for me to help, but I want to help. So I pick it up but can hardly hold it. My hands are slippery like I just put a lot of lotion on. I almost drop it. The woman and man are apologetic, as if I did some major favor for them. We continue to chat. She doesn’t feel well and wonders if it’s something she ate. They just came from IHOP. I tell her we went to Denny’s that day and that Jason sometimes orders undercooked beef. I wonder if she made the same mistake. We chat about my upcoming road trip.

I glance out a window and see something amazing. There is a huge bright blue tropical fish flying slowly past the window. At first I think it must be fake, like a balloon or something. I stand and stare at it, not believing my eyes. It’s moving its lips the way fishes do underwater and it doesn’t have wings and yet it is flying! Then other people in the store see it and we all rush to the windows to watch. We are excited and amazed. It IS real! It flies a little ways and then rolls itself into a ball and drops to the ground. That is how the ‘flying blowfish’ rest. As we watch, we realize there are hundreds of them on the ground out there resting in balls, all of different bright tropical colors. In their rest state, they are about the size of basketballs. I have to get my camera and take a picture of this!

I rush out the front door of the CVS and there is only a small landing to stand on. There is water flowing where there should be pavement. Just beyond this river, about fifteen feet away directly across from the store, is my front door. I remember the last time I tried to jump the river I only made it halfway and had to swim the rest of the way. I don’t want to do this because I’m about to leave for my road trip and don’t want to have to change my clothes. But I really want my camera so I go for it. And this time, I jump the whole thing easily without even taking a running start! I almost can’t believe it and I’m so excited. I didn’t just jump across the river with one leap, I achieved the same height as the buildings when I jumped. I wonder if anyone saw because I doubt anyone would believe it!

Matthew [a former coworker at my current job] is standing on the landing in front of my house and he saw it and congratulates me and tells me how amazing I am! He also says he is worried that during my road trip those corporate ‘Texas pod people’ from our company will steal me away from my current employer.

There’s an odd high wooden barrier at the front of my house. I don’t know what to do at first but somehow I easily reach up and hook my right arm over the top of the barrier, which is about ten feet tall. I’m going to climb over it, but by hooking my arm the pressure from my arm causes the barrier to retract into the base and then I can just walk into my house.

I open the door and as I walk through looking for my camera, it occurs to me the door wasn’t locked. I keep in the back of my mind the fact there could be a burglar in there somewhere, but that’s not the most important thing. I really need my camera. I look everywhere. No one else is home now. Suddenly I see the charger with the battery in it lying next to the bed. I couldn’t see the cord at first but now see it was plugged into the wall. Anna [a high school classmate from 20 years ago] is suddenly there and says if she’d known I was looking for it, she would have given it to me sooner. I grab it excitedly and realize that both memory cards are full. I will need to delete pictures off the memory card to have room to take pictures of these incredible flying blowfish as well as my road trip.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 36/F North Carolina USA

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Re: May 8 - A Road Trip, A River, & Flying Blowfish

A long dream I broke down before coming to my conclusions. Such dreams can be difficult because of the details are usually very personal and with no knowledge of that it requires special attention to the patterns and not just the details. It is the patterns that I can recognize and not the details {since they are personal and only you can know them}. here is what I see from the dream.

Two aspects to the dream that reflect what is occurring in your life in the present. One has to do with possible changes in your waking ego life and the pressures in making decisions about those. There are developing issues that could benefit your well being but there is hesitation. Part of the hesitation may due to similar experiences from your past that did not succeed. You may have been contemplating giving it another try and although there are good and new possibilities you are resistant to making changes because of doubts. Although you feel you have a clearer understanding of the possibilities because of past experiences, you feel something unknown is involved that could steal the opportunities from you. There are internal issues that you may not fully understand to the emotions involved with doubts. This is where the second aspect of the dream comes into play.

This second aspect has to do with the stage of life you are in and beginning reflections on the aspects that make up who you are and the motivating factors that guide your life as an adult {midlife issues coming to bare}. You may consciously be involved or award of an inner search to do with this aspect. My sense is as a child there may be issues to do with your mother {that were lacking} and the qualities you identify with as a good mother would be that of Mrs. Smith. But you are lacking in many of those qualities because of a lack of inner strength and discipline {due to childhood foundations}. This could very well be a part of the issues in decisions you are confronted with in your present life. Your personality would be built around your childhood foundations and any negative aspects to do with those {in particular mothering} would because of a lack of a good grounding in childhood. You may believe you have patterned your life in a particular way but in reality the unconscious motivations from childhood have a strong grip on your emotional self. That part does in important ways lack discipline and strength {which again may be a part of your indecision is currents experiences}. You may be beginning to realize something isn't working as it should {despite your positive thinking it is} and you need to find out what the reasons are for this. That will require a thorough inner exploration and a need to 'delete' those emotional issues that are barriers to final success in aspirations as well as total well being. Any excitement you may be realizing is nullified by unconscious issues.

By the way. What is your astrological sign? Your dream may be 'secretly' pointing to it {only a possibility but often true}. I'll provide what I saw in the dream that could be revealing your sign. I will also provide a breakdown of the images/symbols if you wish to see them {with your response}.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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Re: May 8 - A Road Trip, A River, & Flying Blowfish

There are definitely some issues that have come to the forefront for me. I have been in lengthy 'funk' about many issues recently as I rapidly approach 40 years old. I have had one dead-end job after another where I stay too long for the paycheck. I don't know what I want to do instead, but after 5 years at my current job, have been trying to figure out what to do next. I lack confidence in my ability to do much better than I have before and lack confidence in myself in general.

This dream made me really happy because it felt so positive that it inspired me to at the very least start looking for a new job.

I also have some issues with my relationship with my mom, definitely. As well as trying to come to terms with not having any children myself, and likely won't. My own mother is a lovely person in her own right and a good mother; I have often felt though that she was more focused on making me a better person than being supportive and nurturing, which is what I have craved from her for a long time.

I appreciate your comments and feel they were very applicable to the message of the dream.

My astrological sign is Aquarius.

Thank you again!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 36/F, North Carolina, USA

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Re: May 8 - A Road Trip, A River, & Flying Blowfish

My analysis, "possible changes in your waking ego life and the pressures in making decisions about those. There are developing issues that could benefit your well being but there is hesitation. Part of the hesitation may due to similar experiences from your past that did not succeed" may be addressing the 'one dead end job after another' and thoughts about your present job. This would add to your feelings of a lack of confidence {along with your relationship with your mother}.

The lack of nurturing from your mother would be a strong stimulus for a lack of 'general' confidence and likely a reason for not finding a position in life {jobs as well as overall life}. Are there associations with your mother that have an influence on your not having children or is it you have been unable to have them? {or perhaps never in a long enough relationship?}.

As for the astrological sign. Often dreams use images to denote aspects about a dreamer's personality {although astrological associations would not be a usual one}. I referenced this to see if that might be a sign pointing to Virgo {August 22 - September 23, the 8th sign}. Looking back over the dream I can't find the reference that caused me to point to this {it may have been in reference to the symbolic meaning of an image}.

One part of the dream I suggest you look at and see if there are any emotional associations to it. The dream language to do with your classmate Anna. Is there any relevance to something that occurred 20 years ago? If so it may provide clues to the dream message beyond what we have discussed.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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Re: May 8 - A Road Trip, A River, & Flying Blowfish

I think you nailed it - leaving my current job is something I want very much but I have so far lacked the confidence to really look for a new one.

I don't have children because I fell head over heels for a divorced father of 3 when I was 22 years old. He is unable to have more but when we met seemed open to the idea of looking into options later with me (vasectomy-reversal or adoption) but later changed his mind. I have had a very difficult time dealing with this as I want to stay married but have a nearly impossible time ignoring the desire for family and children.

I found it interesting that you saw something that made you think of Virgo. My husband and two closest friends are all Virgos.

As for Anna - funny thing, I changed the names of all my dream characters, leaving just the first letter the same for anonymity. But just realized I used my mother's actual name - Anna - as the fake name for my classmate.

'Anna' the classmate is someone I'm only in touch with through Facebook now. We were friends in high school but not super close. She has always fascinated me though. She is sort of the 'ultimate woman' in my mind. She does just what she wants but she loves her family, husband, and children fiercely. She is very involved in charity work meant to uplift and affirm other women. She traveled all over the world when she was younger (something I always wanted to do), she is stunningly beautiful, and has surrounded herself with close life-long female friendships. To sum up: she is everything I ever wanted to be and I admire her. In spite of only seeing her through Facebook and not thinking much about her in my waking life, she has popped up in my dreams quite often lately.

Thanks again for your comments!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 36 F, North Carolina

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Re: May 8 - A Road Trip, A River, & Flying Blowfish

Seldom do dreams use names, locations, objects, numbers or other images that do not have meaning in the dreamer's life. Just as the dream is unconscious there can be unconscious associations to the dream images. Your issues with your mother could have been the reason {unconscious} for using her name for the high school classmate. She is everything you wanted to be and perhaps because of the mother issues you never were able to travel that path.

As for the astrological signs. There may be associations there also. Again I don't remember why I asked the question but it was probably something I felt fit with the emotional energies in your dream. I often have intuitive senses from an image that is not a part of the dream imagery {and usually fits}.

With your responses I do feel the dream is not only focused on the mother issues {you want to be a mother, a better one than your mother was} but also the internal conflict of not having your own children. It may be your strong desire to have your own children is to prove you would be a good mother, compensating for what was lacking in your childhood. Not a bad thing but understanding why you have these desires may help in dealing with them.

A note about dream analysis. Most every interpretation I give I only have the age and gender of the dreamer. Just imagine what can be gained when a trained analyst could provide when they know the complete history of the dreamer. Instead of having to spend untold hours by using standard methods trying to reach deep into the unconscious, our dreams are a direct link to the unconscious. Having the life history of the dreamer and taking what the dream has to offer it would take a lot less time in understanding what the issues are. Thus the reason Jung always insisted, 'let's get back to the dream' when engaging his patients in therapy.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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