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Hi Jerry, I had a very short dream a week ago....i wonder what you think about it. Lately I don't dream much, or I do but don't remember them. I don't know if you remember my latest dream which you helped me to understand, and this one was just after the previous one.

I am at work in the office. But this place of work is my previous job. I am aware that I do not work there, I was there waiting for someone. It was like I popped in to see a colleague who was probably about to finish the shift. I was observing usual working environment; there were people, there was a sense I knew them and their routine, While waiting I have decided to pop in to the toilet. I walked in the cubicle, and saw it was incredibly dirty.....dirtier than any dirty toilet ) There was poo right on top of the cistern, and I stood there thinking that I need to clear some somehow so I could go (i went for a pee). So, while I was thinking that, a gentle flow of water had appeared and washed away most of the poo from the top. I felt better. But while all this going on, I have heard a woman's voice (she walked in to the toilet area); she asked: "Sana are you unwell?" And I said: "No, no, I am ok". Somehow I was not surprised she asked as all this mess, but I wanted to re assure her that I was ok.

The first thing I remembered about the dream was: are you UNWELL? not are you well....or ok. Lately I was feeling quite tired, and i was not overworking or anything. The next day I felt symptoms of cold which i have sorted out quickly.....but i thought this is my mind playing tricks with me.

I thought about the dream for a while and thought it was positive really (i hope) because water was washing the poo away. Perhaps some unconscious stuff is clearing itself? But what's this UNWELL? I would really appreciate your thoughts Gerry x

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Re: toilet

An office not only can represent not only being overworked or strained at your previous job but also there are too much emotional stuff on your mind {conscious/unconscious}. The colleague would be you {if known aspects that persons possesses you identify with, positive or negative}. About to finish the shift may point to completely finishing removing the negative emotions related to your previous job {and perhaps the colleague if known in the dream}. The various people would represent the different emotional aspects associated with the job, many of which to have decided need removing from your life {popping/removal}.
Note: Remember all dream images have at least two applications. One would have to do with the previous job/environment as well as the emotional issues you experienced. A third application would be addressing the deeper issues to do with foundations/personality. Keep this in mind when I make a statement about an image/action.

The cubicle {a small partitioned-off area of a room} may point to one particular emotional aspect or even a complex {which could address both the recent emotional environment and possibly personality traits wjch make you prone to act/react in a particular manner}. The top of the cistern {reservoir} may pointing to thinking aspects and needing to clear your mind of the emotional 'poo' {in all aspects}. The 'gentle' flow of water could represent a 'thoughtful' conscious cleansing of these emotional aspects {which would point to positive aspects}. The woman's voice is an inner voice. The 'unwell' wording may represent 'reluctance' to confront/acknowledge what has become the norm {conscious resistance against unconscious energies-consciousness has become used to the energies and resists change}. That would be re-enforced by your response, "No, no, I am OK". Unconsciously there are still emotional energies that need resolving but consciously the resistance or reluctance to make changes is often hard to do. Especially if there are imprinted experiences from earlier life that motivate you to do so {personality traits}.

Looking at the dream seems to point to the slow but positive resolution of the emotional conflicts in your life. You have made the necessary change in jobs but the emotional energies related to your past position still linger. And whatever personality traits there may be {issues that would likely need deeper inspection to get at} would lend themselves to the whatever emotional energies that are in play. I do see this as a positive dream and you seeing the same thing points to something true {what is felt is as important as the contents of a dream}, especially if it is felt when you had the dream.

You are on the right course, one conscious step at a time in making progress. If the dream says it is so then it is so {true}


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Re: toilet

Thank you Gerry....I am working on myself, and I am aware there is a lot to look at still ... thank you so much. Have a nice day!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 42

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