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finding love ascending into higher levels of consciousnessconscience ness

Basically the dream was like a mix between Kingsmen the Secret Service and The Hunger Games because me and 59 other people were dropped off on an island and the last person standing got into the Secret Service and the fight scenes were just like in the kingsmen movie so it was really graphic and intense but I had no choice even though I didn't want to do it and felt bad every time I killed someone. Like I would hold there hand as they were dying after sinking a knife into the side of their neck when it was me or them after sinking a knife into the side of their neck so they wouldn't feel alone and then the last person I had to fight was this blonde girl, not super hot but not bad looking she was good looking and the fight lasted about 5 minutes until an aluminum pipe I was using to block her blows got stuck around the axe she had and I flipped it over to me and spun around and stuck the axe in her head and she stared me dead in the eyes as a tear rolled down her face. She reached out for my hand and I pulled the axe out and lowered her to the ground holding her and she said that she wished she had met her counterpart sooner and had more time and she didn't even know me or who i was but she loved me and I told her I don't know who you are either but I love you and I will find you in the next level of existence and I watched her die and put my head on her chest and started crying as I heard her last few heartbeats get slower then stop. I woke up and I was crying exactly how I was crying in the dream.

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Re: finding love ascending into higher levels of consciousnessconscience ness

First I suggest you read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams to gain an understanding of Jungian concepts {the psychology of dreams} as well as how dreams function {a language of symbol and metaphor that point to inner emotional energies within the dreamer}.

As for your dream. I am not familiar with Kingsman the Secret Service {the movie} nor the Hunger Games {don't watch this type programs}. But being dropped off onto an island points to confronting {{a need to} unconscious issues that possess emotional energies that influence conscious actions {islands are in deep waters with water representing the unconscious}. The Secret Service could represent the 'secret' {unknown} contents of the unconscious where the emotional issues that are in conflict reside. We are all 'in service' to these unconscious energies, motivated by the experiences that form who we are.

The number 59 points to changes in your unconscious where the conscious self is 'fighting' to recognize {needs to} the true energies that motivate your personality {5 is the number for change, 9 the true self}. Add yourself to the total and you have the number 60 which would represent wholeness in the conscious life {which can only come about when the unconscious issues are resolved}. The fight is an inner struggle. Because nature meant for us to be 'whole' {psychologically} you have no choice in these natural aspects if you wish to find balance and harmony in life. What has to be killed are those negative energies {to do with negative experiences in life} that have unconscious control over your conscious actions/personality. This is this the 'fight', one which the conscious self resists any changes because the material world seems fine just as it is even with the inner negative issues. The issues likley involves actual guilt you consciously feel {felt bad}, an experience that may have been recent but also to do with deeper issues related to personality traits and foundations {all dreams/images/actions have at least two meanings/applications}.

This is the opening statement of the dream which points to the primary message the dream is attempting to communicate. What recent experiences have there been that caused inner conflict and possible conscious guilt? This would be one aspect of the dream message. Another would have to do with personality and foundations to your personality {early life foundations}. That would require a deeper inspection of your psyche.

Unconsciously there are energies that 'have a hand' in how you act/feel and the negative energies need to 'die'. The neck represents the relationship between the mental/unconscious mind and the conscious/physical self. Sticking a knife into the neck would symbolize 'emotional wounds'. The 'being alone' may be important {loneliness?} with the girl possibly pointing to relationships. is this an issue in your life? These emotions may be what the inner fight is about with the secondary application being why you feel this way {personality traits formed from early life experiences which may point to 'feelings of being alone' in childhood}. What was your relationship with your parents, especially your father/mother? Are there issues to do with one or the other, or both? If so this would be addressing the deeper issues.

The blond girl would be symbolic in one application {and possibly literal if there is a preference to blonds or a recent experience with a blond girl}. There are mental issues involved {ax in her head} emotional issues {feminine aspects represented by the girl}. But the blond girl would likely be addressing several issues, symbolic as well as literal. The dialog that comes from the language does seem to point to relationships {counterpart}, more recent experiences as well as possible earlier life experiences. Could there be issues with your mother where a closer relationships would have been beneficial? The counterpart could relate to current issues to do with relationships, the counterpart to the current female needs being your mother. There would be an absence of both. The different 'levels of existence' could be language to this effect. Death in a dream is not a literal death but something that died within. The chest can be symbolic of the heart, love and relationships.

My sense is there are recent experiences that may have to do with relationships and a desire for companionship. But also issues to do with earlier life desires for the same. The later could have influences on the latter {again, something that would require deeper inspection psychologically}. There could be guilt involved in some manner, if not to do with recent experiences then issues to do with childhood {children tend to feel guilt although they are innocent and this is carried on into later life influences}. If what I have stated fits then this would be the message{s} of the dream.

Jerry [pray}

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