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I had a dream that my husband and I were on this mountain. It was like a backpacking resort mountain. So there was a resort at the base and you could take an elevator to the peak and then hike down to your hotel. It was an overnight hike so gear was required. It was a backpacking mountain. At the peak there was a trail that winded down. It was made of black pavers that looked like slate, so the whole trail was built in. About every two hundred feet there was an opening off the trail into a large square room, nestled in the side of the mountain. These rooms served as a hotel room like space where hikers could set up tents, sleep, rest, etc. There were no amenities and the rooms had the same slate flooring. Each room was about 400sqft. We had been up the mountain before. From my feelings, I surmised that by this time I had either already backpacked it once or I had waited as my husband did. I just knew I don't like backpacking (as in my waking life also), but that he loved it. My dream started at the peak. With my husband and one of his brothers. This was not our first time at the peak. His brother and I found some abandoned gear and brought it into one of the mountain rooms. My husband started putting a pack together, and so did I but not nearly as fast. There was another college aged hiker that was talking with my husband. They had only come to the top from the elevator and just camped there for awhile without backpacking. They were getting ready to go back down the elevator. He told her he had hiked this mountain already, and considering the frigid temperatures and that he was only wearing a tshirt, she seemed impressed, saying "I have all these clothes and I'm freezing". When my husband was done he stood up, put on his pack and walked out to the trail. In desperation I tried fumbling through my last item and quickly followed out, but he wasn't there. There were people on the trail but he was nowhere. He had started without me and had made good pace as I know he is a quick hiker. I started down the trail and called for him but never found him. The dream then moved into the future. How many hours or days, I don't know. But we were in the elevator on our way up to the mountain, there were others in the elevator as well. My intent was to collect a few left behind items and then return to the elevator. My husband however said he wanted to backpack down again. I said it's faster and easier if we just come back on the elevator, but he was not convinced. I did not like the thought of being alone in the hotel room, waiting for him to come back. I do not like being alone. I didn't like the anxiety of him possibly being hurt on the way down, as it was a very steep and weathering mountain climb. I knew I'd be alone for a couple days while I waited. I knew that he would be sad if I made him come back with me,  so I knew this was happening no matter what. I woke up right after that. 

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Re: Backpacking

The opening statement of dreams normally establish what the primary issues are the dream is trying to communicate. Here is what I get from the beginning of your dream.

My sense is the dream is addressing obstacles/challenges having either to do with your husband or/and shared experiences with your husband. There is a need to use your skills in overcoming these obstacles/challenges, perhaps to the point you are in a position that requires merely surviving pressures related to them. There is a need to find ways to progress but things are going in the opposite direction. You and your husband seem to have developed particular attitudes to do with these issues which may have become obstacles in themselves. The situation is so dire {at least at times} it has affected your normal self and you need to find ways to restore emotional or/and physical stability. You have tried to do this but the conflicts have not resulted in desired benefits and there are more pressures from trying. You are in need of finding ways so life is stable and desirable.

The middle part of the dream seems to be focused on having experienced repeated attempts to solve the issues but your husband has taken a particular position opposite to yours {possibly causing conflicts in the relationship}. He may have developed an attitude that seems to thrive on conflict or/and pressures but you just want to find a better way in life. Your husband seems to have had more experience to do with certain aspects related to these issues which may be part of the reason for his 'unyielding' position/attitude. You find yourself following instead of taking the lead which leaves you in an inferior position. You have tried to fit within these parameters but can not continue to do so.

Things are going in opposite directions related to these issues. But there are deeper issues of being alone {which probably go back to childhood foundations} and this causes anxieties that may keep you from doing what needs to be done {what is best for you}. You may be holding back in doing what is needed because of fears it will hurt your husband. But ultimately you know you must do what is right for yourself.

My sense of the dream is there are issues to do with your husband that are causing conflict. Either serious marital conflicts or/and issues where you and he have strong disagreements. The dream seems to state that you have tried to find ways to rectify the problems but because there are established positions on either side you have not been able to do so. Future attempts to resolve the issues seem to be hopeless. If you do what you feel is right/needed it may negatively affect your husband. The anxieties and pressures related to these issues are very strong and you need to find a way to restore stability to your life.


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