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Tiger dreams

In real life, I have had what I call an uprising from an emotionally abusing relationship. I'm still in the relationship but the abuse has disappeared for lack of a victim. I'm integrating all sorts of neglected parts of myself and building up my self esteem, and generally feeling good although still stuck in that I'm unable to take the final step of leaving.

Note: These two dreams occurred in the same night but were distinctly separate.

Dream 1
I'm wandering around town after my husband drove away without me because of something I did wrong. I find myself in a wooded neighborhood and enter someone's house through the back screen door. I'm aware that I'm crossing a boundary but I need to find a newspaper (for a phone number?) but what I see is the front page stating how team "L9" finally slayed "the tiger". I understood that there had been a reality-type media event which was a tag-team competition to see who could kill a certain tiger. The tiger was docile, bored, resigned to it's cage until the competition began and it became enraged...tigerish. The L9 team was a team of young girls and even though the photo was B&W I could tell they were severely damaged and drenched in blood. I didn't want to read the details. I was sickened that this was a media event..and all I could think was why why why did the tiger have to die? It was all so wrong.

Dream 2
At my house with husband and son. Not a house I've ever seen before. Single story ranch with wrap around floor to ceiling glass looking out on the flat, grassy backyard and patio. The tiger has been poking around, and my husband keeps running out there making noises, waving his arms trying to scare it away. And the tiger does retreat so it's sort of working, but it also keeps coming back and in a more agitated state. I'm advising my son to just stay indoors while the tiger is around. After some time my husband goes back outside again to confront the tiger. He has his ski gloves on this time for protection. My son and I are watching through the windows as something dark and unknown is actually lifting the tiger up by the scruff and using it as a weapon...thrashing it back and forth, in effect using the tiger's claws as a weapon against my husband. And I see his hands getting shredded through the ski gloves, can see the gloves being shredded and soaked and new cuts, new blood spurting through as he is just staring now at his hands held up in front of his face.

- I identify with the alternate docilityaggression of the tiger...the suppression and the primal nature coming through.
- I've lately come to realize a wounding of self in my adolesence which is perhaps represented by the young girls.
- I've lately considered my husband to be a personification of my negative animus, so understand perhaps the altercation in the second dream to either be his struggle to maintain control over me, or my positive animus and shadow battling it out with my negative animus.
- I'm curious about making sure I knew the name of the winning(defeating) team "L9" ... phonetically similar to "lying"??
- I'm curious why the tiger had to die the first time and why he was used puppet-stylet to fight in the second dream.
- I'm curious why there's so much gory, gory blood!

Thank you kindly for your thoughts as well...

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Re: Tiger dreams

The opening sentence of the dream {the beginning of a dream sets the stage for what the primary dream message is} pretty much describes the abusive relationship from your husband. Everything that goes wrong in the relationship is your fault, you are punished by means of his abuse. Let's examine the images/symbols and see where they go.

The wooded neighborhood is your inner community, unconscious aspects that the dream is attempting to reveal {an attempt by the dream to help you resolve emotional conflicts}. You apparently have reached a point in your life where you can no longer be the victim but have yet to leave the abusive relationship. You have crossed that boundary and unconsciously if not consciously you are seeking answers to your situation {newspaper}. The L9 number may have personal associations {the L part}. The number 9 is the universal number for wholeness, a number the psyche unconsciously knows and uses. This is what you seek, not only a way out of the abusive relationship but also the unconscious motivators that keep you in the relationship. That is also a part of the dream message, the later part of the dream addressing those issues. Continuing.

The tiger is you and it represents the following:
The tiger symbolizes repressed feelings or emotions that frighten you. Alternatively, the tiger represents female sexuality, aggression, and seduction. If the tiger is in a cage, then it suggests that those repressed feelings/emotions are on the verge of surfacing.
You are caged in both the relationship and the motivators for staying in the relationship. This part of you has to end, be slain in order for you to find wholeness/happiness. The tag team would be the inner self, the true self and the outer self, the ego personality. One has to give in to the other in order to resolve your emotional issues. The ego self is resigned to its position {remaining with your husband and the abusive relationship} but your true self/inner self needs relief, finding inner tranquility in an outer world of abuse and turmoil.

Now comes the motivators. The young girls points to your early life and likely shared experiences with others {girls} as a child. You were severely damaged, drenched in emotional blood {if not literal blood in some experiences}. The media event could represent actual performances as a child {relived as an adult by the abusive relationship} or/and a 'massive communication' from your unconscious that you need to get away from not only the abusive relationship but also find resolution to the motivators to why you stay in it.

My sense about the dream is it is addressing the current abusive relationship and the need to end it. You have crossed the boundary of 'feelings' and have become numb and are at that point where something has to change. The motivators to why you endure the abuse {and perhaps why you chose the man to marry} are childhood experiences that groomed you for this type environment. What is experienced as a child becomes imprinted on the psyche and are motivators for adult behavior and personality. You will need to find resolution to the childhood issues {psychological therapy} or you will either live a life of inner turmoil or/an get into another negative if not abusive relationship. Your psyche is conditioned by childhood experiences for this type behavior and you must resolve the inner issues related to childhood to escape the unconscious energies that make you prone to making wrong decisions. As a child you were likely made to feel you were to blame for things in life {a child naturally has these feelings} and that has continued on into adult life. You have to break the cycle or endure it forever. The dream seems to be pointing to the fact you are ready {unconsciously if not consciously} to do this.

The second dream seems to be confirming you are at that point of making changes. Your husband, in an unconscious status if not literal, sees this and is trying to fight it off. Internally the thought/decision to make changes is beginning to take hold {sort of working}. But because the unconscious energies are very strong you have yet to fully take that step. Your son is a definite consideration in all of this {that fact staying inside you}. The inner tiger has been let out and while on the outside it is different {it has to be}, an aggressive aspect that needs to fight back at your abusive situation {current and past}. The tiger is still you but in an offensive mold instead of defensive. Your husband's ability {the abuse} to control you is waning {his hands/ability getting shredded through the ski gloves}. But it may also indicate actions on his part of even worse abuse {if he senses the changes in you}, the new cuts being applied to you.

The second dream is a continuation of the first. I did not notice the added info at the bottom of your post and what you provide probably confirms my thoughts about your childhood {a wounding of self in my adolescence which is perhaps represented by the young girls}. And you are correct in your husband representing both the negative and positive animus {I did not address the animus aspect because it often confuses the dreamer if they are familiar with the concept}. As for the L9, yes the L could very well represent lying'. The lie to do with conscious/unconscious that prevents you from finding wholeness {9}. Death/dying in dreams is symbolic of something coming to an end or needs to end. That is the position you are in, both currently in your relationship as well as the motivators that unconsciously control your life. And blood in dreams is a common symbol for emotional energies, the energies in life that sustain/motivate. The gore is understandable when you apply the energies.

It does seem you are at a decision moment in your life. It is common to have such dreams when this happens {big dreams}. The question is will you go forward and do what needs to be done? You are motivated in that direction and it may be the time to make the necessary changes. Of course that is easier said than done. Let's hope you can find your way out of the abuse and a new self where you and your son can have a normal life.


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