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For a few months now I have been having a feeling/ dream. I have gotten these before where I feel something is going to happen and there are little clips of it in my dreams and thoughts and they always come somewhat true.
The little clips show me in a hospital bed, my father (who I don't not speak to anymore) getting into a car accident, me crying, my friends crying, my father calling me and talking about he is sick, or me coughing a lot. I know it has to do with sickness and something bad about to happen but I have no clue what. Thanks!

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Re: Feeling

The feelings/emotions are likely related to the relationship issues with your father. That relationship is not well and needs healing {hospital}. The bed could point to {but not necessarily} point to 'intimacy' issues which may be about current issues in your adult life or/and issues to do with early life that have caused any issues in adult life. The car accident would point to 'intentional behavior' {on your part due to unconscious energies from early life/childhood} or/and point to issues with your father {the car is you and his being in an accident would point to his relationship with you}. Crying is a symbol of a need for the release of negative emotions related to your father. His being sick likely points to the relationship being sick {or some aspect or experience in early life}.

As for something bad about to happen, that would be related to what you suspect or issues you are aware of that could happen and not a prediction. Dreams don't normally predict, they compensate what you already know. Consciously you may not be aware of possibilities but unconsciously you know they are there {you may even consciously know}. Because there are issues there are possibilities and our dreams help us in understanding these. Being objective and not emotional in decision making is what dreams try to convey. If you take dream content as literal then there is a tendency to be more emotional. If you understand that dreams compensate what you already know {but have yet to fully consider or organize} then you will likely be more objective and make better decisions. In your dream there is a need to better understand the underlying issues and why you have a bad relationship with your father. That would go back to early life and although the relationship is bad now there are likely underlying reasons for that. They just don't happen.

One last thought. The 'clips' you have may point to past experiences that have been forgotten, repressed or not fully recognized that are slowly coming to consciousness. Once an issue begins to come up from the unconscious it is not unusual for other past experiences to begin to come up. These clips may point to early life experiences that need to be recognized {the clips coming in bits and pieces in your dreams} so you can resolve them.


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