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trees growing out of my head

in my dream i was running late for an interview and for some reason i shaved my head and right after i had all these small trees growing out of my head. right after the only way to remove them is that i had to use a quarter to scrape them off my head.

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Re: trees growing out of my head

My take on this dream it has to do with negative attitudes you have or are developing that hinders your personal growth. When I break down/interpret the images/symbols I get this general outline from the dream.

developing negative mental attitudes to do with the aspects related to good judgement in order to procure personal growth/success. the only way to obtain wholeness is to remove these attitudes

There will be two meanings/applications to the dream {as with all dreams}. One would likely have to do with recent experiences. Perhaps actually being late for something that caused anxieties. This probably would fit a pattern you have that needs to change. Also consider being late could point to a fear of making changes in your life which would cause anxieties, this being a general attitude in general.

Another aspect would address personality issues/traits, the reason for attitudes/traits you possess in your personality. The running late could be symbolic of anxieties that fit a general personality trait, perhaps you get easily irritated/upset in certain situations. It would be a negative trait {the quarter, 1/4 of a whole dollar, representing an incomplete personality} that you will have difficulty in changing since it is an aspect that will need to be scraped off {head represents mental attitudes}. Such attitudes come from foundations in life which would point to the attitudes being developed early in life.

In analyzing dreams a proper interpretation will provide a good outline of the emotional aspects of the dreamer. Stating an actual experience is rare because only the dreamer can know the specifics. In analyzing dreams I look for emotional patterns and with short dreams it is difficult to discern complete patterns. You will have to take what I provide and put the pieces together and see where they may fit. Dreams will address recent emotional experiences as well as why you act/react to those in a manner you do. That would go to personality which is basically formed in early life/childhood. Those would be learned experiences, attitudes developed because of the environment you grew up with. Look at recent experiences {prior to the dream} and determine if there are certain attitudes/traits you possess that were a part of those experience. If you can determine that then look at your personality and see if it is a general trait, one that needs to change in order for good personal growth and general success in life.


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