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a large group of men break into my home

the dream starts off in my house, our house is fairly large with a 2 car garage and 3 stories. In the dream my dad isn't there but my mom and sister are. The dream is based in some kind of apocalypse yet our TVs still have shows on
And we have full electricity. I am not sure what caused the apocalypse but the land doesn't looke damaged at all. The dream continues like any normal day at my house I'll watch a little TV do some coding but then for some reason I leave the house to explore with my sister, she is 3 years younger than I am. After exploring for a while we discover a person walking across a ridge covered in grass above us after seeing us they run away, the person looked like a little girl. This frightens my sister and I so we return home and finish the day by eating some dinner then going to sleep. The next morning we both feel like exploring again so we do. We return to the place where we saw the little girl the last time except this time there is a group of men who look like the apocalypse didn't treat them so well, angrily they begin to chase us and we finally get home. The men seem to be gone but they had followed us back there are about 12 of them. We hurry to my mom and tell her what happened she says to calm down but is a little scared too. For some reason we keep the blinds open through the day, later that night we were chased I look out one of our windows looking downhill and 2 lights start flashing at me, it's the hostile men from earlier, my mom sees them to and is in horror. My first reaction as a gun owner is to arm myself to protect my home we usually keep the guns in the main part of the house but for some reason they are in our garage connected to our kitchen. I run down to the garage so I can grab a gun but as soon as I open and unlock the door a man makes a deep yell and pushes through the door. Please help me with this I have had this dream twice now and it is really scaring me

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Re: a large group of men break into my home

There may be issues with your father not being in your waking life as he should {in the dream your dad is not there} and although there are destructive aspects/issues {apocalypse} or/and recent negative experiences to your life, the 'show' goes on. You try to live a normal childhood {full electricity} despite the negatives in your life. You wish for better things and have the same concerns for your younger sister. There also may have been recent experiences that frightened you which affected your mother and sister as well. The men would represent the aggressive aspects that you feel because of your environment {we all have masculine and feminine aspects}. The men {aggressive emotions} following you represent fears within your unconscious {following you back}. The 12 men may represent emotional conflict {1+2=3 and the number 3 can represent emotional conflict}. There is also the possibility the number 12 points to an experience when you were 12, one that would have associations to the more recent experiences. The sentence about 'the hostile men from earlier' may also support this possibility {an experience at age 12}. As 'soon as you open the door', think about voicing your anger/frustration {unlocking your anger}, you have the desire to let out the repressed feelings {yell}.

Has there been a recent experience that involve someone being angry, threatening? If not what I described about your father {overall parenting} it may have been one incident involving anger or/and aggression by someone. Also look back to when you were 12 and see if you can recall a similar experience.


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