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The Tower of Boys and their Beers

It is night. My son and his friends are going drinking, and have beer in bottles in paper bags in their car. They try to hide them from me but I see it and tell them to place the open containers in the trunk. There is quite a lot of beer.
They leave and I must follow them. I am lying on the ground dozing and I open my eyes and see a pyramid of boys all in dark grey with beers. There is smoke rising from the tower. The police arrive and suddenly it is day and I am running home. I am near the church where my son used to meet for Boy Scout Meetings.

Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 59, female, Washington State

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Re: The Tower of Boys and their Beers

labyrinth walker,
I'll break down the dream by paragraphs {2} and provide my analysis. The opening statement in a dream usually sets the stage for what the dream's primary message{s}. That would be in the first paragraph.

First Paragraph
My sense is the dream is addressing aspects of responsibilities/obligations related to your son as well as inner masculine qualities that are either lacking or not being utilized {both of which would go to foundations/influencing experiences to your personality and life}. In the relationship with your son, there is both happiness/inspiration from the relationship, but also inner conflicts of {perhaps to do with responsibilities/commitments} you wish to escape/be free of.

The other, deeper aspects would be facilitated by inner emotional energies/drives developed in early life, and where masculine aspects are either lacking or under-developed {taking/being in charge, aggressiveness, other masculine characteristics needed to complete your personality}. Often these characteristics come about because the father is not present in the childhood environment, or if he was, not providing the proper father nourishment needed. This lack of masculine guidance become motivators to personality and actions/reactions in adult life. Your relationship with your son is at least partially determined by these experiences/influences/unconscious motivators. You wish/need to be more open about your feelings about the relationship, or aspects of it, but have not/can not due to feeling you are obligated/responsible.

There may also have been a recent experience to do with your son the dream is addressing, one that is related to the above possibilities in some aspect {all dreams have AT LEAST two meanings/applications}. There would likely have been emotional energies to the experience that caused a conflict of some type {with him or within you emotionally}.

Second Paragraph
These emotions/issues are now coming to the forefront {something may have precipitated the need to confront the issues} and although you realize you should not you initially follow your preset inclinations. There is a conscious conflict of following the past patterns {which are preset from earlier experiences/influences} or making changes in the way you would usually handle the situation. One one hand you feel obligated to honor commitments/obligations but deep down you wish to do things different. In the end to seek a compromise, trying to balance what is usual and expected or doing what you really feel.

It seems the dream is addressing recent and ongoing issues to do with your son as well as the unconscious and preset {from earlier life experiences/influences} motivating energies to do with personality and personal attitudes {you are unconsciously inclined to follow a preset pattern of behavior}. There are obligations/commitments to you feel you must honor {a result of the preset patterns} although you do not always feel they are the best or correct way to proceed. There may have recent experiences where you were doing the usual {or expected to} pattern of behavior but realized there was a need to make changes. There is confusion on how to proceed so you try to find a middle ground that will allow you to do both {or let you believe this}.

A difficult dream to analyze, probably because of recent experiences that involve realizations that the past patterns of behavior may need to change. It is difficult to impossible to identify the recent experiences but my sense is there is a disruption of the usual patterns but not necessarily a complete change. I'll let you identify the recent experiences. The underlying issues to the patterns of behavior would likley go back to childhood but, and I sense this, other past adult experiences as well.


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search to Help Find Last Post} Yes

Will You Provide A Follow-up Response to My Analysis? {Required} Yes

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