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Complex dream related to current dilemma?

About a year ago I started hanging out with a female friend more and I began to like her. When I told her I liked her she did not have the same feeling. 4 months after that I started dating her friend who had liked me for a long time. We dated for two months and I then broke it off because I didn't have any feeling for her. It's now 10 months later and we started being friends again, I then found out that her boyfriend that she started dating back in Feb had broken up with her and such but they were still friends. I then realized that she changed so much as a person and I started questioning if I actually liked her now, and have been unable to decide. Questioning if I am actually able to feel a connection with someone, am I not straight etc. Then last night I had this dream and it seems pretty accurate and related to my current situation, and I don't know what to think of it, any insight would be pretty useful.

I wrote it out as best I could.

-starts out texting some girl, she's awesome makes a bunch of computer reference jokes.
-I leave my house, make sure to tell my family that I'm meeting a girl.
-go to meet this girl things seem off or great, her friend brings up that I should of brought her a gift, and I didn't have one, then proceeds to give me a eggplant/avocado smelling candle.
-we are talking and all of a sudden we are in my parents laundry room surrounded by my freinds, when the girls friend hands me a ring then says that I have something to say.
-I turn to the girl and say you wana be my girlfriend even though we haven't even been on a date, she was reluctant, I proceed to revises the question and say that if tonight goes good do you want to be.
-she agrees
-now were in a store buying frozen pizza the original girl seems distant while her friend is being helpful, we go to pay and the girl insists on paying and I agree.
-the girl says that it won't work out
-all of the sudden there a random maze that appearz and has a manager or sorts
-me and her friend enter this maze along with another random guy who is never really acknowledged but seems to be a friend.
-the maze consists of rooms and doors, when you go through a door and the door closes the entire room shifts around. each room contains something terrifying like monsters or where all the oxygen is sucked out etc...
-we decided to go in and the random guy comes with, while going through the maze I always seem to try and hold as many doors open as possible, while the other two just go.
-we end up going through the maze and exiting several times and I feel closer and closer to this girl.
-eventually I ask her out by giving the maze manager a paper to give to her when she comes out of the maze with the random guy.
-she comes out and seems to have an over joyed yes.
-time passes and I am really happy, and I'm driving a lawn mower(what I do for a summer job)
-then my dad wakes me up and that's it.

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Re: Complex dream related to current dilemma?

After breaking down the images and actions the one continuous pattern that emerges is being and expressing your true self. The dream starts out expressing a need/desire of changes in attitudes about yourself {texting}, taking serious your true emotions/self {computer/referencing jokes}. The beginning of a dream usually provides insights to what the dream is about. The expressing your true emotions/true self is a constant theme in the dream. here is what I get from some of the images and actions from the dream.

Leaving the house-Departing/making changes in one self {the house is you}
Family/girl-whole self, the girl feminine/emotional aspects
no gift-not be 'generous' about true self/emotions, an aspect that must be carefully packaged
eggplant, avocado smelling candle-new attitudes of recognizing {smell} and expressing true self {both avocados and eggplants are egg shaped which would represent fertility/new attitudes}. Th candle represents awareness of true self
parents-merging of feminine and masculine aspects.
laundry room-exploration and cleansing of negative aspects/emotions
friends- positive aspects
ring-loyalty to true self
girlfriend-positive attitude toward true emotions
reluctant to true self/emotions, unconsciously accepting true self
she agrees-unconsciously having accepted true self

Scene changes
store-emotional choices
frozen pizza- emotionally deprived {certain aspects}
girl paying- emotionally paying not being true self
maze- accepting/dealing with true self/life's twists and turns }literally and emotionally}
manager- managing/organizing emotions
random guy not acknowledged- aspects about true self not being acknowledged
rooms- attitudes/aspects
going through doors-exploring new aspects about oneself
door closes/room shifts- old aspects ending, shifting attitudes
monsters- fears, negative aspects
oxygen- energies that support true self
going in- psychological exploration
random guy- unconscious masculine aspects
holding doors- holding onto barriers to true self/emotions
other two go- ignoring inner conflicts
entering/exiting maze- sorting through confusion
closer to girl- closer to true emotions/self
ask her out- seeking to express true emotions/self
maze manager- managing confusing emotions
she comes out of maze- bringing out/expressing the true emotions/self, the root of your confusion {maze}
with random guy-choices without method or conscious decision
she comes out overjoyed- positively expressing /accepting true self
lawn mower-channeling negative thinking into positive energy

Two possibilities that come to mind which could be related. The added info you provided leads me to believe these to be possible but it is the dream that actually points to their being legitimate possibilities. Because all dreams have at least two meanings/applications, this would fit with that concept.

The first would have to do with, of course, accepting your true self, who you are and your true feelings. You state a confusion about being straight. That is a stated possibility within the dream but nothing so concrete it can be verified as fact. The true self/emotions may be merely a confusion of about relationships and acceptance by females. The girl on one level would be actual females in your life. This is, along with the possibilities of sexual preference, are more of a personal experience only you can know/determine. The other application, the general outline a trained dream analyst will see, would have the girl being your anima or feminine aspects. That could point to 'feminine' aspects in a literal application {sexual orientation} but in general it often points to the emotional aspects within your psyche. The girl/feminine images would have to do with relationships with actual women and/or with your own emotional attitudes {including sexual identity}, depending on the application. It may be merely a confusion about relationships with girls {confusion is another constant pattern/theme in the dream}.

The other application would go to the roots of some of the emotional attitudes that underlie the confusion in accepting/expression your true emotions/self. The family image may be a statement about family and a fear on your part to accept who you really are if you should express any hidden aspects about yourself. Family attitudes, especially early life attitudes you grew up with could influence your ability to express yourself, your true feelings. The maze in your life, the emotional twists and turns would be a result of early life experiences/influences.
This is usual in all dreams, getting to the roots/foundations to personality and personal attitudes due to the formative years of early life. It is something a trained dream analyst will recognize more so than recent personal experiences. The dream statement about "we are in my parents laundry room" could be pointing to these issues, meaning there are or would be issues with parents that would need a cleansing {of you} if they became known. A matter of acceptance on their part of you.

In your opening statement you state the dream seemed pretty accurate and related to your current situation. Both are true, dreams are always accurate in presenting your true self, your true emotions. It is also dream the dream would be accurate in association with your current situation since your dreams are focusing on recent as well as the deeper emotional issues in your life {the two or meanings/applications I mentioned previously}. But the dream language is symbolic and metaphorical, not a literal translation. What you sensed in the dream's truth was an intuitive sense. This has as much importance to the dream's message as the dream itself because the intuitive self is a part of the true psyche {as is the dream}. Feelings upon waking about a dream are as true also because the dream has touched a truth the conscious psyche recognizes {as long as the conscious ego isn't allowed to interfere}. The question becomes, what truths are there in the dream? Because dreams reflect your waking life experiences as well as the deeper issues, if you look at your waking life you will know what those truths are. They reflect each other. The ego perceives life with a bias, not so the dream. Opening up to the true self, those aspects that are known can be hard to do if. We all have things we do not want others to know. What our dreams do is provide us with what the conscious ego knows as well as what is unconscious and may be hidden from consciousness. Many reasons for this, something that would take along narrative to explain.

In summary, when it comes to questions about sexual orientation, you are born either straight or gay. You don't turn or change from one to the other. A person can become bi-sexual {and possibly born that way} but there is likely a straight orientation before that happens {gay people can also but I believe it is much more likely with straight people}. If you are gay you will be attracted to the same gender and will know there is an attraction. If you are gay and hide it your life will likely be out of balance on a major scale. It should be fairly easy to determine your orientation if you let your true self come out {through the door} and not hide it and let it shift your life around emotionally {the door closes the entire room shifts around}. But the example I use in the determination of being gay could fit many emotional issues. You know who you are, open up to that and the doors of life will open up to you.


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