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pumpkin and the sewing needle

As a child about the age of 5
Every night i when i went to bed id see a massive pumpkin and beside it was a sewing needle. There was nothing visually frightening about the pumpkin or the sewing needle but it would drive me to hysterics id cry and scream in fear. I was so fearful of it that i was scared to go to bed at night. I was never asleep when i saw them, it was more a vision that i had no control over and it absolutly haunted me.
I couldnt be exact in how long of a time frame this happened for but im estimating about 6-12 months, the vision occured almost everynight untill one day it just seemed to go away. But iv never forgotten the vision id see of the pumpkun and the sewing needle and it still brings me an eneasy scary feeling recalling the memories of it as a little girl
Please help me anwser this its been 25 years

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Re: pumpkin and the sewing needle

Childhood dreams, or even visions, are often different than dreams later in life but many have the same application as older persons {when they point to issues that cause emotional conflict}.
Note: a vision would be much like a dream and the analysis the same as with a dream.

This could have been an experience influenced by some normal childhood experience that left a strong impression but was nothing more than that {example: seeing the popular fairy tale of Cinderella where a carriage turns into a pumpkin} . But let's look at the images and see what they could represent symbolically {the language used in dreams} both in light of childhood mind and in the normal aspect of dreams.

1.-receptive to new ideas and experiences {as in a developing child's psyche}
2. female sexuality- sexual experience as a child
1. seeing or ceating a new self-image and taking on a new attitude.
2. making amends- repairing a relationship {if there were an issue where as a child you felt you were to blame}.
1. A child's creative mind
2. need to mend some relationship or situation {as in making amends in sewing}.
1. releasing pent up emotions

When you put the images together to form a pattern {what I attempt to do as a dream analyst} you can have a child's imagination where the psyche is naturally creating a new self image and developing new attitudes. A child is receptive to new stimuli from the world around them and because there was nothing visually frightening this may be what the dream vision as about. Children have emotional stress also and the scream could be a natural venting of those emotions.

As a second possibility, one that would have much more grave emotional implications, there could have been a sexual experience as a child where you felt you were to blame {as children often do even when they aren't} and, in a child's mind, you needed to make amends for what occurred. Because a child values relationships and are dependent and influenced by adults, you as a child would feel the need to repair what you felt as you doing something wrong {when in fact what was done to you was wrong}. I would look to later childhood and determine if you were in an environment that supported this possibility and if so consider it. But if your childhood was normal and no possibility of such an experience then look to the first explanation. There could have been an experience where sex was involved but as something you witnessed not done to you {parents engaged in sex}. This could have left a 'massive' impression on your psyche and as a child something that needed to be released because you did not understand what was occurring {seeing dad doing something wrong with mother}.

Another possibility I would consider is the lasting impression of the dream vision that still brings an uneasy scary feeling as an adult. You state you had the same dream for many months which indicates a very strong impression. But even that could point to a benign experience because childhood dreams/visions often leave a lasting impression no matter the source that caused the dream vision.


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