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Strange dream

I had an extremely unusual dream. I was in a Japanese ship in the ocean. I believe it was WWII. I was below deck and my mother was there. Either my mother or someone else said, "He is cruel" referring to the Japanese commander. The next scene this commander is digitally penetrating some young Japanese woman. She is standing above him on a platform I was standing right there so it could have been me doing it. It was a really short two second scene. The next scene the commander is behind a wall out of view with the young woman. She then states, "there is syrup on my face" in English. Hence my thought at the time in the dream is she is too young to even know what just happened her. I then woke up.

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Re: Strange dream

I am getting conflicting impressions from your dream because of the Japanese reference. Because of its inclusion in the dream it could affect the naming of the source of internal conflicts in your life. The dream has definite associations to your mother {her being named as well as the ship and ocean possibly being symbolic symbols for the mother}. But whether it is the just experiences with her or if your father is involved as the source of conflict, I am having trouble with that. One or both has affected you in negative ways, affecting your anima.

To answer this question would depend on your father's age and if he was old enough to have served in the armed forces during WW11 {you were born in 1963 and if he is 30 years older he would have been born in 1933 making him to young}. If he did then he could be the Japanese commander and the primary source of the internal conflicts. If not then the Japanese reference would be symbolic of something foreign to your conscious mind {an unconscious energy}. In that case it would then may point to your mother as a source of conflict.

Here is what I get from reading the dream in metaphorical terms. There were three scenes and I have provided my analysis addressing each.

Opening Scene
You are now in a position where unrealized, unconscious energies are causing/have caused tremendous internal conflicts. These energies are related to experiences to do with your mother. There are aspects of this relationship that have affected your anima, perhaps related to nurturing {hers as a parent, possibly yours because of that}.

Scene Two
These experiences have created unconscious, controlling energies that affect your psyche. So strong are the experiences they have penetrated deep into your unconscious and affected your anima {feminine aspects}. They assert their unconscious power to inflict wounds, self inflicting or/and onto others.

Scene Three
There are unconscious forces that motivate you, hidden from view internally {psychologically} but possibly demonstrated externally in your conscious actions. Your are realizing the affects of the unconscious emotional energies which are now being expressed {translated} in your adult life. Hence {intuitively/unconsciously} you know the experiences where related to experiences where you were too young to realize how they would affect your anima in later life.

The dream is addressing issues/experiences that have caused unconscious motivating/controlling energies in your psyche. The dream seems to be quite explicit in this {each scene points to it}. They have to do with anima aspects which could have to do with nurturing aspects in your life.Most likely a lack of proper nurturing which translates from early life experiences to later life actions {the unconscious control}. Whether it was experiences as a child seeing your father as the cruel Japanese commander {which goes to his age} or to do with your mother is what is not clear.

From previous dreams I know you are experiences changes in your life related to an inner search. This dream seems to be addressing the deep emotional {ocean} issues. The dream may be 'unusual' in it is focused on these issues and not the search on a scale of having resolved the issues. Such dreams would suggest there is still work to be done. As long as these controlling/motivating {unconscious} energies remain they will have an affect on your conscious life in negative ways. Your Dead Woman dream does point to the mother relationship and this dream is probably addressing those issues. But what part does your father play? Could he be the Japanese commander?

I will post a breakdown of the images/actions as well so you can better understand how I came to my analysis. The one image that has to fit in the flow of the dream would be the young Japanese woman who was digitally penetrated . She would represent undeveloped anima aspects that penetrated your young psyche {as a child}. Here is that breakdown {for future reference as well as insights to how I analyzed the dream}. You may also be able to gain insights of your own from the interpretation of the images/actions.

Opening Scene
Japanese-foreign/not yet discovered aspects
ship-feminine aspects/emotions/mother
ocean-deep unconscious/mother
ship in ocean-exploring aspects of your emotions and unconscious mind related to mother
WW11-tremendous chaos and disorder that affects your whole being
below deck-unconscious level/inferior position
mother-relationship with mother/deep emotional aspects
he is cruel-pent up anger
Japanese commander-controlling emotional aspect

Scene Two
commander-controlling/motivating energies
physical penetration-mental experiences affecting the emotions
young woman-developed emotional/nurturing aspects
standing above him-asserting high level of influence
platform-raised level of emotions
me doing it- self inflicting wounds or wounded emotions

Scene Three
commander-controlling/motivating aspects
standing behind wall-unconscious barrier
viewing young woman-realizing unconscious emotions to do with anima development
syrup in face-emotions from past experiences are a part of your personality
in english-expressing unconscious feelings/translated into conscious actions
too young to know-undeveloped feminine aspects from childhood


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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