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baby boy

One of my good friends dreamt i had a baby boy,and I was taking selfie photos in a mirror of me and the baby

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Re: baby boy

First, and this may disappoint you, the dream your friend had was about that person and you were 'secondary' being in it. Second, I need the gender of your friend to provide a concrete analysis since a male/boy in a woman's dream usually represents something different in a man's dream. These have to do with anima/animus aspects of the psyche {archetypal energies we all possess}. I'll provide an analysis to what you have provided but it could be 'off' because I do not know the gender of your friend, the dreamer.

You being in the dream points to aspects about you the dreamer sees in you. Because you are female that might have to do with an aspect he/she identifies with. It could be characteristics you possess, aspects about your life {positive or negative}, or/and issues they have in relationship to you or see in you. It could point to a desire for a new type relationship with you, new birth {especially if the dreamer is a male-he being the baby boy}. The baby would be something new related to you and something that would fit with the dreamer's life.

The boy image symbolism would depend on the gender of the dreamer. If your friend is a man then the baby boy could represent him, a new beginning/birth in some aspect of the relationship with you. The same would apply if the friend is a female but the boy baby would point to a masculine aspect you possess that she would identify with {gaining new strength or some other masculine quality}. A new birth usually represents a new beginning.

A selfie is a self portrait, something that would mirror the dreamer or an aspect you possess that would fit the dreamer. The same goes for a photo. It is a reflection of the person in the photo. But because the dreamer's dream is about the dreamer {and their emotions} any known person would be in relationship to them {an unknown person would represent an unknown aspect or quality}.

What is the dreamer's gender? What type relationship do you have with the dreamer {or more appropriately what type relationship does the dreamer have with you?}. There would be something about you that would be given new birth. It could be a new type relationship with you {romantic perhaps} or a quality you possess he/she sees in you they identify with in some aspect {likely positive but could be negative}.

Such a short dream but with so many intricate possibilities. Consider also that a dream is what the person really feels. It is unbiased and reflects the true emotions of the dreamer. What they say may be different in what they really feel.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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