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Festival Bullies

This is a dream I actually had last night. It starts with me picking up a boy I know named Charlie from his elementary school's festival. When I find him there I discover him being bullied by three boys. When I arrive I step in and stop them. Two of the boys run away but I catch the "leader" but the collar of his shirt and contact his mother. (I have no idea how I knew her phone number).

Next thing I know I'm in a house sitting cross-legged on the floor with Charlie, the boy, and his mother who has greying-blonde hair.

I tell her about what happened at the festival and she nods, but doesn't seem to concerned. She just starts saying "I'm taking him home. I want to cuddle with my son." and then hits my hand with my fly-swatter.

I tell her that if she hits me again I'll punch her in the face. So, she does it again. I get up and act like I'm going to hit her, then stop myself, saying "I don't want a lawsuit on my hands." then she does it once more and my fist flies, I wake up before my fist hits her.

When I woke up I stayed angry for a while and had trouble falling back asleep.

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Re: Festival Bullies

My sense of this dream is it is addressing issues of anger with your mother as well controlling those traits within you that you inherited {early life imprinting}. There are issues you possess that have caused insecurities you must control {expressing anger being one} or there is a threat you will demonstrate even more of the negative 'learning' from childhood {inherited from your mother}. The experiences related to your mother are a part of your personality {because you grew up with them} and they need to be confined so not to cause you to act out those impulses. Add these to the anger toward your mother and what you have is you consciously acting out this anger in your waking life. This is something you have to continuously control. Because of a lack of proper nurturing from your mother there is a natural emotional guilt within you {the child blaming oneself for the actions done to them}. If you do not control the inner anger it could lead to even worse conscious actions on your part. The built up inner anger if not controlled {and eventually resolved} threatens your whole being. In summary the attitude you have toward your mother is still very much unresolved and threatens to disrupt your efforts to improve your life {and worse}. If you should ever 'hit' your mother {metaphorically speaking} you would be demonstrating the same negative actions that she did to you.

This is the general outline of the unconscious attitudes you possess {that is what an experienced dream analyst discerns from dreams}. Any recent personal experiences related to these inner attitudes as well as personal identification with other people {Charlie} is something only you can know. What is it about Charlie that would fit {or you identify with} with your masculine self {he is you in those related aspects}? Does he possess a weak personality, one that people may take advantage of or bully him? Any experiences of your personal life would be a result of the unresolved inner issues. As I stated in my last post, you are progressing in your waking life in efforts to make your life better. But the inner issues are just as important and there must be progression in resolving them. As long as the inner life remains in turmoil, the conscious life can never find complete wholeness and harmony.


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