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Vivid nightmare

(It's hard to explain but there were like key things in my dream that had actually happened the previous day, and you know how usually in a dream there are weird things that help you decipher whether it's real or not? Nothing like that happened.)

I was going to the shops with my mother and we went to the ones by my house but they were closed. I mentioned how there was this cake shop down the road from my dentist and we decided to go to it and try it out. (side note: this cake shop is a real place and it actually is down the road from my dentist and I even mentioned the street name its actually on in my dream.) We pulled up to the stop light, and the way everything is laid out is like a four way but with a stoplight instead of stop signs, there were three cars on the left side of us as we were in the right lane, ahead of us was one car but in between our car and the one in front of us was a man holding a bag. We felt uneasy about it so we stayed behind him a little bit, and not once did he turn around, speaking of which I don't think I ever saw his face throughout the entire dream..anyways, we sat there waiting for the light to turn green and when it did, he pulled what looked to be a gun out of his bag and still without turning around once he just stood there, I started to tell my mom to go around him as I didn't really want to stick around and watch whatever was gonna happen and she sped off around him I turned around in my seat and was looking out the back window and i remember thinking - why am watching what is about to happen? I shouldn't see this - I saw him bring the gun up to his head and shoot himself. Every car that was around including my mom stopped and I remember I started freaking out because its not everyday you see someone shoot themselves in the head. I remember my mom complaining about how someone should either go through his bag or let her do it. I thought it was weird but I just ignored what she said. The way our car was parked was in front of this trailer house thing and the man who lived there came out and started questioning my mom. While they were talking, these two police detectives came up to us and I remember them telling me the man was a 22 year old who owed 15K in gambling debt so thats probably why he did it and I remember telling them or more myself - how can he be so unhappy to do that? Especially over gambling debt? - that was the only thing in my dream that never made sense.

It was so vivid and real and everything in it was a real place and I can't get it out of my head.

I feel like I should also mention, since I kinda explained it in the beginning, I had a different part to this dream but they didn't go together, anyways, I was with my ex and he had mentioned this picture that i sent my current boyfriend and the thing is I had actually sent the photo my ex was talking about. Thats what I meant by key things that actually did happen.

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Re: Vivid nightmare

Are there issues to do with the relationship with your mother? I sense this is the issue the dream is addressing and perhaps one recent issue in particular {how old is your bf-22?}. There appears to be issues to do with sincerity. The man whose face you do not see could be your father but in the dream he would also represent masculine aspects that are lacking in being your true self {because of parental issues}. The part about putting the gun to his head and shoot himself would likely be referencing a desire o your part to 'kill off' negative emotional issues within you. Is your parents divorced? If so do you blame your mother?

There also seems to be issues to do with 'risky behavior'. This could be one issue the dream is addressing. An issue that could be a point to contention with your mother.


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Re: Vivid nightmare

I guess you could say in the past there were a bunch of issues between me and my mother, but the last few months have been very well for both of us.
My boyfriend is actually the same age as me, give or take a few months and my mom treats him as if her own son so there is no problem there.
My parents are divorced and my father has been out of the picture since I was about 5, but I don't blame my mom at all. I know why things happened and all fault is actually on his side.. and the whole negative emotional issues - I can see how that would fit with the head shooting, but it isn't towards any parental figure?

I don't really see at all how any issue with my mom would result in that dream?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 17/female/michigan

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