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old school burning

I dreamt I was walking in my old school's corridor with my family!It was a long building in 2-3 floors.and the corridor was like a long balcony.we stopped for a moment and I saw a couple approaching us and suddenly the woman realized her bag was on fire!but she couldn't put it off!I went for help and I realized that the fire wasn't originated from her bag and the flames were coming up from outside of the building into that balcony!I shouted "fire!" to my family and asked them to follow me out(at the same time I was thinking what if it wasn't that big of a fire and I was overreacting).anyway we got out and I was relived that we were on the first floor and wasn't stuck in the crowd getting out of the building.
then we were standing in the yard looking at the flames.some people talking about how they've set there on fire deliberately(I don't know who,maybe government?or some authority).I was thinking about my memories in that school and as fire got to some beautiful old window I wondered where was this window in the building(I mean I was trying to grieve somehow even though I couldn't remember lots of memories).
then we got on our car and we were riding in a road to some other place.on our way I noticed a large amusement park and I told my family I didn't know this old amusement park was still working(somehow I think the new park was actually my school!).there was a ferris wheel and a huge seesaw and I said it looks really scary to me because they're really high up in the sky(I think I mentioned it was a recent fear).

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Re: old school burning

I see this dream as very positive. Because dreams reflect your true emotional condition at the time of the dream, this dream is reflecting where you are in your journey to wholeness {you are participating in Jung's self psychology, the Individuation Process, albeit it unknowingly}. You are having to deal with your everyday life, family, society and other 'governing' aspects to do with the other world. But you are also dealing with the inner process of discovering who you really are, finding and developing the true self, blazing your own path in a society {world} where you are expected to follow the governing rules and not those the soul desires. This is the typical hero/heroine journey Joseph Campbell describes in his Monomyth. You are the heroine in your own life because you dare to risk the established ways which provide comfort and security for the outer self but do little for the soul, the inner self.

“ A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man. ”

I have broken down the images and actions by paragraph and then provided a summary of each. Although the recent personal experiences are things I can not address {only you can know those} I can sense some of the energies involved from those experiences. It is the inner aspects that come through more than anything.
Here is my analysis of your dream.

First Paragraph
-walking in old school's corridor with family-trying to escape ingrained repetitive attitudes/behavior patterns formed from early life experiences/influences
-long building-elevated attitudes/issues in your life/issues that are prominent in waking life
-2-3 floors-levels of attitudes
-corridor like a long balcony-consciously seeking to escape inherent attitude
-couple approaching-attitudes like those you grew up with
-realized bag on fire-realizing issues/attitudes that are at root of emotional conflicts
-couldn't put it out-unable to extinguish attitudes
-wasn't originated from her bag-not something she caused/unconscious energies
-flames coming up to balcony-emotional energies influencing consciousness
-'fire'- strong emotional energies related to family and inner issues {inner family}
-follow you out-follow your own path {inner family}
-not that big-ego subjugation
-overreacting-responding more emotionally than objectively
-got out/on first floor-progression on one level
-stuck in crowd-allowing issues to control you emotionally

Summary-Issues related to family both outer and inner are central in your life. You are attempting/needing to escape the environment that prevents you from taking your own path in life. Emotionally there is a lot of anxieties related to real family as well as inner self. Early life 'programming' is hard to overcome especially when family is so set in their ways. These influences are a constant threat to your desired direction in life and there may be times when your ego submits to the social demands . But you have a path you are committed to and will not allow yourself to be emotionally controlled by outside influences.

Second Paragraph
-standing in yard looking at flames-consciously asserting your desires despite the emotional issues
-people talking about deliberately setting fire-consciously understanding aspects of self to do with ingrained attitudes
-government-issues/attitudes that rule your life
-authority-those energies that have power over you/unconsciously and consciously
-memories in that school-ridding yourself of old learned attitudes
-as fire got to beautiful old window-emotional energies stemming from old experiences/influence
-where was this window-where the emotional energies come from
-couldn't remember lots of memories -unknown unconscious aspects

You are still experiencing/being influenced by your past {childhood as well as more recent}. You are in the process of sorting through there emotions/influencing energies {recent/ongoing contact with parents may be part of this}. The governing powers are both inner {motivating energies} and outer {parents}. The process you are experiencing includes distancing yourself of these influences {both inner and outer}. The emotional energies are presenting themselves to your true self and finding that self is hindered by the 'governing' and authoritative energies {again both inner and outer}.

Third paragraph
-our car-related energies, outer family and inner aspects
-riding in a road to some other place-the 'in' points to inner aspects, the desired direction of your true self
-told family- communicating these desires to your whole self
-didn't know-unconscious aspects
-amusement park was still working-childhood treasures/true self still reside within
-new park was school-new direction in life is a learning experience
-Ferris wheel-going around in circles
-huge seesaw-attempting/needing to balance yourself inward and outward
-scary because they are really high in ky-taking the desired path is risky but it will elevate you to new horizons

While you are having to deal with the outer world of family and culture you are taking a new path that fits with who you really are. The task is to bring these desires aspects of your true self to reality so you can live your whole life doing what you love to do {your true self/fulfilling the soul}. Just as when you were a child and everything was a treasure to explore, so too are you again wanting to experience this with your true self {the inner child is born}. The new direction you have chosen is a learning experience in the making {positive}. Although there are times when you feel you are going in circles you are staying the path in balancing your whole self, inner and outer. It is a scary situation but to achieve your goal will elevate you to new heights and horizons.


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Re: old school burning

I had this dream the night before I told my parents I'm taking 6months off medicine so I think,as you said,it's highly related to my family issues these days and I can relate to nearly all of it!reading these interpretations are a huge motivation for me to keep going my way.Thanks a lot.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 24/f/Iran

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} yes

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