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Transparent sea lion and waste container


What is the meaning of a transparent sea lion in my dream.
The animal was alive and nothing was in the animal and it was as if it were a balloon.
I could see through it as through glass, I was also very sexual excited about it.
Before this, I dreamed that I was peeing in a home waste container, there was almost no end.
I am quite curious what this all means.
I am very interested in sea lions and it is my favorite animal.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: Transparent sea lion and waste container

let's examine the second dream first to see what it could mean. Because it was first it would likely make a statement what emotional issues you have that need to be understood and resolved. The first dream you posted would then go further in stating more about the issues. I will provide the best possible meaning/application of the images/actions and then give what issue it could represent.

-peeing-cleansing and release of negative or repressed emotions. Urination is symbolic of having or lacking basic control in your life
-home waste container-self image/inappropriate experiences/wasted aspects in life
-no end {to the peeing}-incessantly/constantly being a factor in attitudes you have developed

My sense is the dream is pointing to a need cleansing yourself of old negative attitudes. The home is you and could negative attitudes {waste} you have developed {usually from early life/childhood}. Because there is no end to the 'peeing' negative attitudes it could be these attitudes have affected your personality {see first dream}.

The first dream symbols/images/actions

-transparent sea lion-This symbol could be archetypal with its meaning being 'a mythical beast formed of a lion's head and foreparts and a fish's tail,' This could point to mental aggression/attitudes {lion's head} which complicates your personality and not allowing proper personal growth {fish's tail}
-alive-conscious aspect of your waking life
-nothing in animal-nothing positive within you that allows personal growth
-balloon-an inflated opinion of yourself
-glass-a reflection of the unconscious attitudes in your conscious life.
-excited sexually-enthusiastic completion and the integration of contrasting aspects {sex}. This could point to sexual aspects as well which would be a result of the negative attitudes you possess. You may be using sex as a 'substitute' for missing positive aspects.

This dream is likely expounding on the negative attitudes that need cleansing. The negative attitudes have affected your personality to the point they could be disruptive to personal growth {not being the best person you could}. Early life issues could have affected your personality and personal attitudes. Because all dream images/actions have at least two meanings/applications the sexual excitement could point to the natural intent of the function of dreams {to help you be a whole in your personal growth} as well as actual sexual attitudes. Is sex an important aspect of your life? Could you be substituting sex for what was lacking in your childhood {love and attention from parents}?

Because these are just parts of the whole dreams it is difficult {if not impossible} to say what the whole dream{s} are trying to communicate. Dreams are about the emotions and in particular the negative aspects {attitudes/traits} that prevent you from being a whole person {physically, psychologically and spiritually}. Negative attitudes developed in early life {old} would be the foundations for your attitudes and personality as an adult. Whatever is out of balance the dream will attempt to to communicate to you so you can better understand what is out of balance and help you resolve the issues. That is the primary function of dreams, to bring about wholeness . Just as the immune system is to the body {defense against infection and illness}, the dream performs the same function to the psyche. Nature has provided this mechanism and the dream is how it communicates what is needed for emotional healing.


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