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Prison Dream

Last night I had the same dream twice! The dream was about, finding myself in prison and knowing that I was there and would there for a length of time, though in the dream there was suggestion as to what caused me to be imprisoned. All I knew was it was horrible and I was no longer. Then I woke up. Once I got back to sleep, the same exact dream continued. Upon waking up again, it disturbed me as I have never had the same dream twice in one night and also never had a prison dream before.
The dream has caused me some anxiety this morning as I am trying to figure out what its trying to tell me. I have an interest in all things Jungian and in Jungian interpretation of dreams thus why I am here today trying to share my dream and hope someone can shed some light on what it may mean or is trying to express to me.
Just for some background, have no association or any connection with anything to do with prisons or prisoners nor have I ever been in trouble with the law.

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Re: Prison Dream

Dreams use symbolic language and the prison you are in {in the dream} would represent some type of emotional prison. Look at your life and determine if there are any issues that cause you to feel confined. It would be an issue where punishment is being applied, likely on yourself but it could be from someone else. As for common meanings of a prison in a dream they are as follow:

-may represent behavior that is compulsive, not under conscious control. Do you demonstrate any particular compulsive behavior, uncontrollable behavior that can upsetting to your life or even destructive? Often such behavior is unconsciously driven/motivated.
-not allowed or able to express yourself. You may be in a situation or relationship where you are not able to express your true feelings. Or be your true self. Or it could be you are unable to do so because of emotional issues that have 'imprisoned' you. These type issues would also be unconscious and would stem from early life experiences/influences.

Because you had the dream twice could point to issues that need your immediate attention. Look at your life {especially emotional} and see what issues could be holding you prisoner


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