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new and old boyfriend

my friends and I were on a trip,there was this guy who had become my new boy friend(I dont know him in real life),it was our first trip together and he didnt pay much attention to me like the way my ex did before and I was not happy about that but I was into him so much I didnt care!suddenly I realized that my ex is there too(which he is not my ex in real life and we are still together and its been three years) and although we had broken up we still had sex and he didnt know about the new boyfriend of mine.I was about to go and have sex with him(the ex) that night that it hit me im doing a wrong thing and im gonna hurt both of them.I was so confused.

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Re: new and old boyfriend

I sense this dream has more to do with changing attitudes more so than just an old or new boyfriend.It has to do with relationships but more than that replacing old attitudes/thinking about them with new ways of thinking/attitudes. Have you recently given thought to relationships and how to approach or think about them? There seems {from the dream} to be a need to incorporate new masculine aspects of your psyche {being stronger, perseverance, not giving in}. It could be you have realized your past mistakes with relationships that need to change so you will not get emotionally hurt or hurt someone else {dream language-"im doing a wrong thing and im gonna hurt both of them"}. Because your dream is about you and your emotions the 'both' of them would include you and not necessarily just other people. Both could also point to the two attitudes, one that needs to change and a new one that needs to come about, both needed so 'no one' gets emotionally hurt. This is how dreams function, using symbolic language to reflect your true emotions {conscious and unconscious} at the time of the dream. While some of the images {like sex} would be a part of the relationships, their meaning/application would be more related to integrating new attitudes so you can find wholeness in life as well as in relationships {soemthing hasn't worked in the past means you need to make changes in your attitude/thinking in future relationships.
Below is how I interpret the images/actions from your dream

-trip-a needed change of attitude {a trip would be a change in scenery/away from current situations in life}
-guy-animus aspects/masculine aspects within you
-new boyfriend-new relationship {attitude} to your masculine side/ a need to incorporate masculine aspects
-did not know him-unaware of unconscious aspects/true feelings
-first trip-realizing for the first time these emotional aspects
-didn't pay much attention- not giving attention to the attitudes that could cause emotional hurt
-way ex did before-aspects/attitudes that have been neglected
-not happy-with attitudes that cause emotional distress
-with him so much didn't care-you were unconsciously driven/consciously giving in to desires despite emotional distress it causes
- realize ex is there too-relationship with exbf also related to these attitudes
-still having sex {with ex}-still needing to find psychological completion {sex} and the integration of contrasting aspects. sex or some other treason may have been a motivator for the relationship more than true feelings for him
-didn't know about new bf-not realizing the affect of past attitudes toward relationships
-going to have sex with ex-about to use the same old attitude/make the same mistake?
-that night it hit me-unconsciously {night} you are realizing the need for a new attitude
-doing a wrong thing-old attitudes were the wrong thing to do
-hurt both of them-hurt you and those you have a relationship with


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