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Dream about my mother who passed

Right after my mother passed away last year I had 2 weeks of straight nightmares. Up until one night I dreamt that I was in my house in front of a mirror. Around the mirror were several pictures which I discovered were people who had died. I came to a photo of my mother and started crying. As soon as I started crying in my dream all the lights started flickering on and off. After that dream I have not had another nightmare since. Can anyone interpret or help me with figuring out what this means and why that was the final nightmare?

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Re: Dream about my mother who passed

Dreams are a reflection of your true emotional self at the time ytou have the dream {and could date back to early childhood if there are unresolved issues from that period of time}. Dreams also have a language of symbol and metaphor. There could also be recent actual experiences that reflect actions within the dream but the purpose of the dream is to reveal emotional issues that need your attention and possible resolution. Or the dream is reflecting strong emotional energies that have caused you to reflect on inner aspects about yourself that are a central to your personality and attitudes in life.

In your dream the house is you and the mirror is a reflection of your emotions {or some aspects of them}. The pictures in your dreams are mental imprints of past relationships that have ended {death in dreams represents something that has come to an end}. The photo of your mother would be the same but with stronger emotional energies associated with that relationship. The light would represent a clear understanding of the relationship, how you really felt about it {dreams unlike the conscious ego do not have a bias and reflect the true self}. The flickering off and on may merely be losing some of the emotional energies to do with your mother or it could point to some aspects of the actual relationship. Flickering can mean 'unsteady' which could point to the relationship, or be a statement about your own frame of mind because your mother has passed {you are unsteady}. Was there a 'mother attachment' in the relationship? It could be your mother could have multiple meanings/applications {all dreams do to some degree and could represent something about yourself related to motherhood. I would look first to my first explanation. If I had more of the dream to work with there is a possibility any other applications could come out in analyzing the whole dream.


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