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Dreaming about having sex with the same person.

Im constantly dreaming of having sex with an old friend of mine who used to come to the same primary school, we were young, kids back then. I kinda had a crush on her. We barely see each other now. From what I remember last night was the second time this year i dreamt about having sex with her. I got her facebook and stuff, so i know how she looks and i saw her about 1 year ago too. I remember well she started kissing me so I guess she wanted it, and we where at my crib. However i dont remember she showed me her boobs, the dream was focused on my private part penetrating hers.. and man it was a clear dream, im still picturing it 1 hour after i woke up.

What does this mean?, as I said this is not the first time im dreaming about having sex with her..

Thanks for listening and sorry for posting on this section, it couldn't let me posting on the sex section. Maybe because im new here? haha who knows. Thank you guys and please don't hesitate to tell me what you think, awkward or not. Regards

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Re: Dreaming about having sex with the same person.

If you have a strong libido and have an attraction to her that could be one reason for the dream. Or it could be a more direct interpretation of the dream where your libido is telling you that it's been too long since you have had sex. Or it may indicate repressed sexual desires and your needs for physical and emotional love.

On a symbolic level it could refer to the psychological completion and the integration of contrasting aspects of the Self. She would represent your anima/feminine aspects and the sex would be symbolic {dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor} the sexual act will often be a symbol of the union of opposites which leads to wholeness and balance in your personality. If you could post the whole dream I should be able to provide better possibilities to its meaning.


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