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Weird dream about having my hair cut short

I had a dream my friend and I broke into this one man's house. we were looking for something but I'm not sure what. he came home so we pretended we were giant dolls and just sat in his kitchen. he was on the phone and didn't notice us there and thought we were actual dolls. he started cutting my hair with a buzzer usually used for men's hair.I stayed still, i didnt want him to know I was real but then he cut a lot of my hair off, a good chunk off nt right side, and I started screaming and cursing at him. he was actually afraid of me and my friend when we both started freaking out and he discovered that we weren't dolls.... I was really upset about getting my haircut short but my friend kept reassuring me that it didn't look that bad

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Re: Weird dream about having my hair cut short

This is a tough dream to crack so please bare with me in trying to understand its message. I will give my take on the dream images/actions first then try to find a coherent theme from them {in analyzing dreams I look for emotional patterns that fit together to make a coherent statement about the dreamer's emotional life}.

-broke into man's house-masculine aspect breaking through
-not sure what-not known consciously
-came home-unconsciously known
-giant-a dominate aspect of your personality
-doll-escaping present problems and responsibilities/acting out your wishes
- we were giant dolls-acting out your wishes/major attitude
-kitchen-transforming through conscious acknowledgement
-phone-message from unconscious
-didn't notice-not consciously known
-thought we were dolls-aspiration
-cutting hair-detached mental attitudes
-men's hair clippers/buzzer-detached masculine attitude
-not real-unrealistic/not real self
-cut a lot of hair-removing lot of negative attitudes
-right side-conscious reality
-screaming/cursing him-power emotions/inner fears
-afraid-fear of self
-weren't dolls-discovering reality
-upset-disturbed about attitudes
-didn't look that bad-inferior attitude about appearances

What I get from the dream it is focused on aspects of your personality, a dominate attitude where you want/need to escape emotional aspects in your life. Unconsciously there are emotional energies that control your conscious attitudes. The primary ficus seems to be about 'detached' attitudes, perhaps unrealistic aspects about yourself that need adjustment {dolls}. Conscious reality is different from unconscious truths meaning you may see or think about things in a particular way that re not realistic. There are powerful emotions involved that can cause fear if you let reality take hold. The waking appearances are different from reality. This may be an attitude toward something {unknown to you and not explained in the dream} in your life or could be about appearances verses what is real. I can only read the outline of a dream so you will need to determine what attitude the dream is trying to communicate.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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