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Heart in my hand

Some background info :

I just returned from a 3 day music festival. On Monday morning I awoke to some devastating news about a close family friend being found dead in his home (investigation is still pending for cause of death.) I was blown away by the news and cried on and off most of Monday, which was also exactly 6 months since my friend passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 29. Seriously hard day.
Anyways, spoke with a friend about life and death, and DMT came up, and he shared with me a gruesome story he read of a lady whose journey took her to a land where these insects ate her while she was still alive and she could see her heart beating while they were attacking her. So when he told me this I was basically gagging because I have a pretty graphic imagination...sorry y'all if it was little too much for you, too!
Needless to say, I had some trouble falling asleep, but when I did...

The Dream:

I'm standing a bit a ways from the crowd of people watching a concert. It's at night, and the lights are a soft glow, candescent-like and I'm swaying with the music. Then in what I would call a trance-like state, I slice under my left breast with this beautifully sharp blade. Before I can stop what I'm doing my right hand is inside my chest cavity and pulling my heart out. I remember staring at my heart in my hand and feeling an emptiness I hadn't felt. It was warm, bloody, vein-y, and still beating. Anyways, knife still in my hand I proceed to cut my heart in half. And just like that, I slide the two halves of my heart back into the wound, and it closes up immediately. I start worrying about why I just did that, and how come I didn't die.

My friend tells me we really need to go to the hospital. We get there, and the hospital is all windows, you can see everything, and everyone inside. We wait awhile, and I'm ansty because I can't believe I just cut my heart in half, and I'm not dead. My son keeps asking why we are at the hospital, but I don't remember if I answer him or not. They take a scan, show me the film, and where my heart is there is a black diagonal line separating my two halves. The Dr. tells me he doesn't understand how I survived, and that I'll quite possibly always feel a pang of emptiness, or a void where I had sliced it clean in half.

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Re: Heart in my hand

Not to worry about the story your male friend told you. This has to do with issues of the heart. I can't say exactly what aspects there are involved {only you can know the personal experiences} but I will try and provide what i sense from the dream images/actions {dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor}.

The first impression I got from the dream is there are a lot of subconscious emotional energies involved {not fully aware of the emotional energies and/or the affect that have on you}. The trance like state is the most obvious image that points to this but there area couple of others {with so many images pointing to this it means it is an important emotion}.

The second impression of images/actions I sensed had to do with 'metaphysics'. This could involve creativity, spirituality, love or romance {the heart cut in two}. Subconsciously you are being swayed by these emotions {by the music} and may not know their energies/affect on you. There are things that have produced an emptiness {chest cavity} within you {your friends deaths could be a part of these emotions} and what ever they are they have either caused damaged to your heart {pulled heart out/feelings of emptiness} or have the ability to do so {that leaves open the possibility this goes beyond losing your friends}. The two halves of the heart that have been cut in two could represent 'feelings of not being whole due to metaphysical aspects'. There are definitely wounded emotions involved. The last sentence in the first paragraph, "I start worrying about why I just did that, and how come I didn't die" could be interpreted as 'stress from recent experiences, not making appropriate changes to deal with the issues {emotional}.

The last paragraph seems to be focused on healing {as is the whole dream which would point to a need for emotional healing as the primary theme of the dream}. The friend {a part of you-even if it is known person} is in need of/seeks emotional healing {My friend tells me we really need to go to the hospital}. Seeing everything/everyone inside would represent inner understanding of the emotional issues and the affect they have on you. This is how healing begins. You are not completely aware of this {why we are at the hospital, but I don't remember if I answer him or not-your son would represent a under developed masculine aspect which could point to personality and issues related to early life}. The 'black diagonal line separating my two halves' could symbolize unconscious/negative aspects of not being prepared/not being direct/unable to make decision {this could point to personality issues}. How your survive these emotions {heart cut in two} is also a primary focus of the dream since they do leave an emptiness/void within you. This would point to personality traits/issues that are as much responsible for the emotions involved. That would also be a part of the subconscious impressions I get because they would be the underlying energies to why you react emotionally to the emptiness you feel.

My sense from the whole dream you are feeling emotional empty because of having your heart cut in two but your strong emotions have to do with deeper personality traits as it does the 'cutting'. Unless there is a romantic involvement of some kind then the heart being cut into would be about the loss of your friends {since the dream was after you learned of the close family friend being dead that would be natural. But all dreams, all dream images have at least two 'meanings' or applications. One would be the loss of the two friends and the other would be why the strong emotional energies due to personality traits. Usually such traits come from early life/childhood and would be stimulated by experiences/influences during those early years {the developing mind holds on to and is greatly influenced by these experiences/influences}. one possibility is losing someone you loved dearly at an early age which would have produced these type personality traits. If not that then early life relationships related to a lack of proper parental nourishment. The bottom line is there are issues that have affected you emotionally that go deeper than just losing close friends. It would involve why you react to such loses and how they could negatively affect your life.
This is how dreams function, addressing recent emotional issues while going deeper and looking at the underlying issues related to the emotions involved.

A note for those who follow my analysis of dreams. I didn't get the full intent/focus of the dream until I began to reconcile the meaning/application of the images/actions. I had a list of the images and how I thought they applied/what they meant but not until I began my final analysis and typing it onto this post did I get what I sense and what I have provided as my analysis. The flow of the dream did not come to me until I entered this post.


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