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Hi Gerry, please can you help me unravel the mystery. I'm an avid follower of dream work but I can never seem to conclude my own so here goes

I'm in the office at work but its not the same as it is in real life, the room is different and the tables have a different layout. I walk away from my desk to find that a colleague has answered my personal mobile and this woman is quite an integrating nosy person in waking life which really gets to me. I'm mad that she has answerd a call on my perdonal mobile. The call was from an x colleague who I have been trying to get in touch with in real life as he is a friend if mine and also a friend of my boyfriends. I'm not pleased that I missed my chance to speak to him becuase nosy colleague took the call and I realise I've missed my chance. Nosy colleague asks me if x colleague has grown o beard and I respond by saying why- did you see him to know that then I think what a stupid thing to say, why would I say that when you can't even see people on phone calls you can only hear.all of a sudeen I'm at a different feat which is in front of the previous desk and positioned to the right. I am presented with a black bouquet of roses to congratulate me on my recent marriage engagement (I have recently got engaged in waking life) but the person delivering the bouquet is our work caterer who is now a florist, (this meaning of this confuses me when trying to interpret) I'm confused by the bouquet in the dream as this caterer turned florist doesn't even know me that well. I'm also presented with a card with congratulation messages from all of the staff in the florist and again in the dream I have feelings of confusion as the staff at the florist don't know me at all so why would they sign a congratulations card

Notes; i don't have any special feelings about flowers at all but black is my favourite colour something I share with my fiancé.the x colleague in the dream is a real life friend and again this is a joint friend between me and my fiancé.

Thanks in advance Gerry

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Re: Congratulations

I have dissected the dream by interpreting the images/actions and although I sense a pattern{s} I have yet to put my finger on the exact message the dream is trying to communicate. This may be due to recent waking experiences in your life that are related to other/another past experiences as well as inherent personality traits/attitudes. One would be related to the other. These attitudes/traits are negative aspects that have taken you away from your true self {may be experiences that you normally wouldn't display and unconsciously driven}. They cause you not to function as you should or wish.

Let me post the images/actions and my interpretations and look at them again in the morning when my intuitive mind is fully functional. You may recognize something from those that will provide clues to what the emotional issues are the dream is focused on. I broke the dream into two parts since there was a noticeable change in the dream {all of sudden at different feat}.


-office at work-functioning to organized emotions/aspects of self
-tables/different layout-not usual balanced self/socially/psychologically
-walk away from desk-getting away from true self
-answered personal mobile {phone}-responding to characteristic aspects {inherent/learned}
-nosy woman-obstructive emotions
-mad/angry-negative emotions
-answered call-emotional response to unconscious energies related to inherent characteristics
-call from ex colleague-unconscious communication related to qualities of actual colleague {qualities about him or his experiences you identify with
-friend-rejected aspects seeking positive resolution
-missed chance/nosy colleague-past experience related to obstructive emotions
-nosy colleague asks/x colleague grew beard-seeking to consciously/a need to understand obstructive emotional aspects
-can't see/only hear-can't consciously discern/only unconsciously perceive {unconscious influenced}
-different feat-different conflicting experience
-front of previous desk-conscious aspects related to past experience
-black bouquet of roses-unconscious healing of true self
-congratulations for marriage engagement-reward for commitment to resolve emotional conflicts
-work caterer/florist-what is required to organize emotions
-doesn't know well-not fully conscious
-card with messages-needed changes in emotional aspects
-florist staff/feelings of confusion-lack of understanding how to work to organize emotions
-all sign card-affecting whole self


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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Re: Congratulations

Hi jerry, thanks for taking the time to look at my dream. I have been trying to work with my unconscious beliefs for some time through various healing modules but I always seem to get stuck. It's like the unconscious beliefs are do stubborn and don't want to come out. I get frustrated and loose my patience easily, then in turn I feel hopeless. Will try and have a think as to what correlations and can see between my dream and waking conciousness and I look forward to your further interpretation, thanks for your help

Re: Congratulations

The added personal info you provide in your last post helps clarify what the dream seems to be addressing. The personal search you have been engaged threw me off from the primary of the dream {which is something I've encountered before}. Knowing you have engaged in various 'healing modules' brings about a clear message of the dream. Plus the frustration you feel is likely the 'other feat' in the dream, you having made efforts and at least some success in self discovery but not having found all the answers. This frustration may in itself point to issues related to foundations to personality and attitudes. All in all you are on the right path and perhaps by finding interest in your dreams may be the tool you need for a final resolution {I believe dreams are the prefect tool for self discovery for those who have the capacity and discipline to engage in the process of individuation. Here is my final analysis of your dream.

Seeking to find answers to emotional issues in your life. You are at a place where you feel you are not your true self having begun to understand that you are driven by energies you are not aware of. There are 'inner' obstructions in your emotional life and through self examination you are discovering what some of these are. You are seeking positive results to negative aspects/rejected parts of your psyche {integration}. But although you are finding resolution to some of the unconscious emotional issues there are still others you have yet to do so consciously {can't see, only hear}.

The dream changes to another 'feat'. This may be pointing to current issues/pressures related to your search where you feel you need to find solutions to the emotional issues you have been seeking to resolve. You are on a path to healing of the unconscious energies through self therapy {black bouquet of roses} and your reward has been a partial resolution of the issues {congratulations for marriage engagement}. My sense is, and by your posting your dream for interpretation, you need and are seeking different avenues to discover what has yet to be uncovered about your unconscious self {florist staff/feelings of confusion}. You may be putting pressure or are feeling pressure from the unconscious energies for the need of self discovery. Some of the unconscious motivating energies may be in play, the underlying reasons for personality and attitude that have caused the turmoil again coming through. This is affecting your whole self {all sign card} despite the positive aspects you have discovered.


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