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My last two dreams have dealt specifically with airplanes with a few other things thrown in.

In dream one, I am on a packed out airplane. It is a big plane like a 737 or 747 and sitting right beside me is a co-worker. From time to time I have the "view" of the pilot and it is also someone I know. I am sitting on the left side of the plane and have a view of the window. Looking out, it seems that the plane is really struggling to fly. We are flying next to mountains off and on and at certain points get dangerously close. At one point in the dream, the plane starts to go down essentially in the process of making a crash landing. While there is panic on board, I feel no fear and just accept that if this is the end then so be it. However, at the very last moment the plane pulls up and continues to fly.

Dream two

In Dream two, there is much that is vague to me but I remember at some point being in some sort of shanty town where people live. They don't seem happy or unhappy but the place is rundown. I eventually end up on another plane, this one much smaller and we are sky diving. The first time I skydive all goes well and I end up back on the ground. Back at the shanty town, I very specifically remember a new addition to this tiny little building. The wood looks brand new and for some reason it caught my eye. Then I am in some sort of shop, I think it was a coffee shop where the person behind the counter is an old classmate of mine. I am in military Uniform and am happy to see her but she doesn't seem happy to see me. Not because she does not like me but because she is embarrassed at where she is at in life. She was/is a smart girl and I guess people would assume that she succeeds in life by there standards. I end up back on the plane and keep asking people if my parachute got packed, they keep sayings yes but I have a feeling of unease. At the last moment I check my parachute and nothing is there. Suffice to say I was seconds or minutes from jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. Shortly after this I awoke.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29 Male Northern Virginia

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Re: Planes

Both dreams seem to be addressing the same issue. My sense of them is t=you are seeking higher success in some aspect of your life but because there are no assurances of success you are having difficulty in making any changes or going forward. The deeper aspects of the dream point to personal aspects related to foundations in life {early life imprinting from experiences/influences} that are partly responsible for attitudes that hold you back. These are personality traits but the primary message seems to be of being able to move forward in making changes that will benefit your true self. You may have already achieved a measure of success in your personal life but there may be something missing as far as making achievements that satisfy the soul. I sense this may be the central theme and message of the dream. Personal traits/attitudes developed early in life that prevent success in being your true self.

Here is the breakdown of the images/symbols from both dreams
First Dream
-airplane-escape from 'packed' emotions/responsibilities
-737/747 {17/18}-just short of succeeding/success in personal life {nine represents wholeness}
-co-worker-social /waking aspect of self
-view of pilot-seeing successful self/need to view of true self
-left side of plane-true/unconscious self
-view of window-view of what your true self desires
-struggle to fly-difficulty in being true self
-dangerously close-intense emotions
-crash landing-bad habits/attitudes
-panic on board-feeling helpless/lack of will power
-no fear/accept it is the end-no anxieties in personal achievements/need to change into true self
-pulls up/flies-continuing same path

Second Dream
-shanty town where people live-foundations life built on
-place is rundown-emotional foundations
-another plane-another aspect of self seeking success
-smaller plane-less influential/used/recognized aspect
-skydiving-high ideas
-first time back on ground-first success in waking life
-back at shanty town-unconscious true self
-remember new addition-ready to rid self of old attitudes
-new wood/caught eye-seeing new outlook
-coffee shop-insights to new/true self
-old classmate-related emotional aspects {female classmate}
-military uniform-disciplined regimentation
-happy see her-emotional realization
-embarrassed at where she is in life-insecurities in emotional life
-success at these standards-success in social/business life
-back on plane-still seeking higher success
-parachute got packed-packed emotions for protection
-unease-not self assured
-no parachute-difficulties in trusting self
-jumping out of airplane no parachute-making changes with no assurance


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Re: Planes

Very accurate in relation to where I am at in life. Everything you touched on does in fact relate to my waking life.

In life I do tend to vacillate between what I want to be in life and doing a job that is essentially just enough to get by.

place is rundown-emotional foundations... very accurate

unease-not self assured... also very accurate

no parachute-difficulties in trusting self... I tend to see the worst outcome in every situation.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29 Male Northern Virginia

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} yes

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