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Dream that i was having a panic attack


I writting you about a dream that i had last year , but it always come to my mind even now, because i think there is a strong message behind this.
I dreamed that i was about to sleep in my bedroom it was the night, i was still living with my mother, the shutters of my window were closed, but there were holes in the shutters, and i could see a men standing outside my window, he was sitting on the pavement (we were in the ground floor), that man was old ,like 60 years old, i called my mother to show her that man, i was telling her that i was afraid and that we should do something because i felt something wrong about this man, then my mother was telling me " not to be scared, it's nothing".
Then she came out of my room, i was about to lying in my bed , and suddenly i could see that man coming through the windows, but that man turned into younger man like 22/23 years, he was drunk and he tried to touch, and kiss me , i was having a huge panic attack; i had trouble breathing, my whole body was shaking from head to toe, i was calling to my mother,i was sreaming, she came in my bedroom to see what happened, there were also my stepfather, and even my therapist (i am in therapy in real life).
They tried to calm me down, i was begging that young boy to get out of my room, and also telling him that if i'm not ok and sick it's because of him (feeling anxious, and sad in real life).I was also telling him that i will come back when i will be ok.
I was also screaming at my mother and stepfather to get him out.

That dream revealed that all the energy that i contain inside of me in real life, was coming out of my body.
It was spectacular but scary at the same time.

Thanks again for your helP!!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 Female/Paris

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Re: Dream that i was having a panic attack

My sense of this dream is it too is addressing some of the same issues as your other posted dream My broyfriend falling in love with another girl. Those issues are rooted in childhood {as is the usual case since we all are products of our foundations/early life experiences/influences} and are now showing up in your waking life as an adult. In short, issues with romantic as well as other relationships are affected by those earliest years of life and through teen years. Your father's actions toward your mother surely contributed to this and specifically the way you feel about yourself {dressed well} has associations to his jealousy of your mother. Whether there are experiences that involve physical and/or emotional abuse is unclear from the dream but the developed masculine aspects {relationships/experiences} in your psyche come through in the dream. You feel the way you do because of your childhood and need to understand why and resolve the issues that cause your lack of self esteem and well being. You will never feel comfortable in your own body {let alone 'dressed up' and being your 'pretty' self} as long as these issues remain. The emotional patterns in both dreams seem to be clear {you confirmed some of them in your response to you analysis of your first dream}.
Here is my interpretation of the symbols, the images/actions in this dream.

-sleep in bedroom at night-not fully aware of conscious actions influenced by unconscious energies
-living with mother-influenced by 'mother' aspects
-shutters of windows closed-aspects that are closed of for emotional security
-holes in shutters-conscious realizations of unconscious aspects
-man standing outside window, sitting on pavement-assertive masculine aspects {possible a real male} that have 'paved'/influenced your direction in life
-ground floor-foundations of your life
-called mother-mother's protection/influence
-old man, 60 years-past masculine aspects/physical experience {and possibly pointing to experiences 6 years earlier}
-called mother/show man-exposing masculine aspects/seeking needed nurturing
-not to be scared, its nothing-denying issues to do with being 'incomplete'
-mother came out of room-not receiving needed nurturing
-about lie in bed-concerning unconscious aspects
-man come through window-masculine aspects coming into conscious awareness
-man turned into younger man-more recent experience/age 22-23
-man was drunk/tried to touch/kiss-loss of control affecting neglected side of personality
-panic attack-feeling helpless conscious attitudes influenced by unconscious energies
-trouble breathing-distressed by anxieties
-whole body shaking-ridding yourself of aspects affecting conscious self/identity
-head to toe-mental aspects affecting whole self
-screaming-needed emotional release
-stepfather-replacement masculine aspects
-therapist-shrinking your emotional issues
-begging-seeking to end insecurities
-sick because of him-emotional issues from developing masculine issues

I see elements of childhood influences as well as recent experiences {anything in particular significant happen 6 years ago?}. What I can't see {and only you can know for sure} are any experiences of physical abuse. You will need to examine your early life and see if there are any physical abuses or if they are only psychological {which we know exist from your comments about your father}. To resolve the emotional issues will require clinical therapy. As long a the underlying issues exist your waking life will be influenced by them.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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Re: Dream that i was having a panic attack

Hi Jerry!

Thanks again for your precious help Jerry.
It help me a lot to understand the core of my issue, indeed my mother was sexually assaulted several times by my faher in front of me when i was young. Now i protect myself a lot even if i pay the price each day (by containing my female energy and being scared of men generally), because when it comes to being related to a man i am in avoidance.

I hope that i will be able to release all this energy that i have been containing for years.

I really appreciated your reply thank you!!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 Female/Paris

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} yes

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