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Owls and toads with black eyes and white pupils

So, this is how my dream went.
I was sitting at my computer playing games, when the power to my computer shut off. Almost instinctively, though it wasn't raining, I looked out of my window to the far side of this room. Through it, I saw a massive white owl with big, black eyes, with white pupils. I froze up, and the owl soared through my window, and attacked me. I blink, and I am somewhere else. Apparently, I was at some sort of festival. New clothes, slightly different voice, different height. I had the clothes of some sort of jester, my voice was more... clown-y, and I was shorter. I walk around, and soon come up to a weirdly shaped pool surrounded by hedges. I look around the corner, and there sat a humongous toad, about the size of a human, if not bigger, that had black eyes and white pupils. And, surprise, surprise, it attacked me. This time, though, I resisted. The worst part was, the bystanders seemed to think it was some sort of play and laughed and laughed. Then I woke up.

Additional info:

I know this sounds weird, but I sometimes have visions forseeing the future, uncontrollably, and unconsciously. I forget them soon after, but when it actually occurs, i tell myself, "ohmygod, i had a vision about this!"

I normally have very fuzzy dreams, if i had them at all. however, this one was very vivid and defined.

My mother has been to multiple psychics, and they all tell her the same thing: she will/has given birth to 2 power children, my brother and I.

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Re: Owls and toads with black eyes and white pupils

Because it was a shorter dream I had interpreted most of the images/actions yesterday during my lunch break but waited until this morning to look at the dream with more intuitive clarity {a good night's sleep}. What I get from the dream is not faltering for you but the patterns all fit. I will provide my interpretation of the images/actions and then a brief summary {I believe the images/actions will paint enough of a picture to explain the dream message}.

Interpretation of Images/Actions
-computer playing games-conscious mind/attitudes that rule your mind/psyche
-power/electricity-loss of perspective
-instinctively-personality trait/fixed pattern of behavior/compulsion
-not raining-no personal growth
-looked out window-general outlook/perspective on life
-far side of room-apart from/beyond the bounds
-massive white owl/black eyes/white pupils-deep unconscious insights closed off
unconscious aspects of personality/unconscious influences/conscious actions/not consciously seeing straight
-froze up-something that has been suppressed, rejected, or denied
-owl soared through window/attacked me-unconscious contents coming through to influence/motivate conscious actions
-blink/elsewhere-refusing to see the obvious
-festival-indifference to the cold realities of life
-new clothes/different voice/different height-new perception/neurotic thinking to elevate oneself
-clothes of jester-trivializing important matters
-clowny-childish thoughtless attitudes/actions
-shorter-less than true self
-pool surrounded by hedges-unconscious restrictions to true self
-toad-hiding true self
-black eyes and white pupils-unconscious influences/conscious actions
-attacks me-negative unconscious aspects coming through to conscious actions
-resisted-not letting true self come out
-bystanders-passive persona
-laughed and laughed-continuous emotional release

Something is definitely 'out of sync' in your life. The symbolic images/actions indicate a troubled personality. Or if not an already serious conflicting personality, one that is headed in that direction. Often dreams will present a mixed message which will define 'normal' personal conflicts but your dream definitely points to a more serious neurosis. Seldom do I see so many images/actions reflect the same type of emotional conflict, symbols that likely define your personality and deeper psyche. One after the other they fall in line leaving {me} with no doubt to the central theme of the dream and its intended message. There are some deep issues that need attention. Are you seeing a therapist?

Could the influence of your mother have a great influence on your not seeing things 'straight'? Something has taken conscious control of your conscious actions, energies that influence/motivate your personality. Are you easily influenced by your mother and/or those in her circle of friends?

As for visions into the future. It could be daja vu. If your psyche is greatly influenced by 'psychics' then what would be the norm may be exaggerated. This would be a true belief on your part but the influence by psychics could alter the norm.
Note: There are few true 'psychics'. I an mt a psychic, I use the natural intuitive psyche to gain insights to dreams {patterns and symbolic meanings}.


Jerry pray]

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