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Stabbing father

I had a dream that I was harvesting/ taking livers or spleens from animals. I then came across my father and asked him if I could do the same. The weird thing is that I asked him if I could kill him first to do so. So I stabbed his head, and he did not die, then I stabbed his heart, then he died. I then took his liver/ spleen. I find this aggravating and horrifying to think about, just because I am not a violent person and I am in good terms with my father and love him. Any help with interpreting it would be appreciated.

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Re: Stabbing father

The dream may be addressing a recent experience involving your father. Removing spleens may be symbolic of a bad temper or spite {'he could vent his spleen when he was really angry'}. Coming across your father may involve experiences with him where either you or he exhibited this type behavior. Your actions may have caused a mental reaction {stabbed him in the head} but you know it wasn't something he really felt {stabbed in the heart}. Or it may have been something that did wound him deeply {in the heart}. Taking his liver/spleen would suggest you have removed a vital part of him. The key wording may be 'you asked him' for permission. Perhaps there was a real situation where you asked him for permission and he said no and you angrily said something hurtful.


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