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Celebrity Heaven

So I'm dressed up in a Harry Potter robe, as with everybody else, but everybody has this black belt covering a tie that I do not have. Any way, somehow I was chosen to be the Harry Potter. I have my wand, but I am told I am not allowed to use it for some reason. So I go around the tables and test each persons wand until I am supposed to pick the right one. Everybody's wand seems to have something wrong like Lunas wand was super heavy and some other girls wand was a chopstick.
After I go through everyone's, everyone gets up and leaves, but I have not chosen my wand yet, so I start balling. I walk away from the crowd and head up a bridge until I find another wizard and ask him about a spell or emergency number that has something with a 24 in it. He looks a bit shocked and yells the number 28 and 88 and suddenly I go flying through the air and end up in the ocean next to a different bridge so I swim to shore.
I see another person and think of her as my mother, but not actually. For some reason o got the impression she was some sort of mother to someone and she thought I was her daughter but not. It's a little hard to describe. Anyway, there was a mountain, so after she swam to shore we held hands and climbed this mountain. It was a bit difficult because somehow I knew you could only step on wood the size of beams in gymnastics. When we got to a really difficult part, Minerva showed up and put us in a beer bottle and threw us closer to the mountain. We landed near the top and there were people waiting. We climbed the rest of the way up one at a time and after that' I barely saw her again.
There was this tall building filled with a bunch of people at the top. It looked like an overpacked mall. Now There was a big portion of my dream I forgot here, and I only remember snippets after. I remember meeting my friend Tyler and scaring him. Then I remember a girl who was talking about how we were in California in the States and we were on a mountain in the Celebrity afterlife, because a lot of celebrities are dead that I knew apparently. But somehow I knew I was not dead. Then I remember an old man I knew got a text from Zendaya saying to meet her and Bella Thorne. And that's all I remember of thar, but I know there is more somewhere.

Re: Celebrity Heaven

I will need to know your age and gender before I can analyze your dream properly. Age has a lot to do with how dreams are interpreted since younger people's dreams are often different than older persons. Also the age, even when young, can affect how the images/actions are interpreted since a 10 year old mind would be a bit different from a 15 year old {I analyze dreams using the psychological patterns in them and knowing the age helps me better understand the possibilities. You age could be very important since this dream has a lot of 'seemingly' mythological images. Are those from a young person who has been playing computer games or an older person who has had an important dream {mythological images in an older person's dream can point to major changes in his/her life}.

As for gender a male in a man's dream will often mean something different in a woman's dream {and vice versa}. I cold guess are assume your gender from the language from the dream but I rather have all the info possible before spending valuable time guessing and being wrong.


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