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The Dress Hall

I am back at my old high-school in the art room. A college buddy, Carrie, comes into the room to tell me that she cannot find our other friend named Robert. I put my things down to help her but on the way out of the class we suddenly run into him. He has a small sculpture. There are two spirals coming up a central pole; one is headed by a black mask and the other a silver. I know at this point that I am dreaming, I have seen the silver mask before.
Carrie and I now leave Robert behind. Where the girl's bathroom is suppose to be there is suddenly a stair case that goes to a level that is non-existent in waking life. It leads to a worn wooden door. Upon entering I first feel that I am in an art class but as I round the corner I notice the room is flooded with light. This room is a dress hall. Each dress is made for only one person. Carrie is exuberant. She sees a peach colored dress that is old-school southern style. She immediately strips off her cloths and begins putting it on.
I start to look around. I am drawn to a dress that is red, black and white. The sleeves and the bottom of the dress are open and flowing, it is long and layered. I know that it is mine but I seem indifferent to it. I am uncertain that it is right for me and I turn around to leave. I am now at the old wooden door but as I open it a sudden wind comes through and knocks me right on my butt. I hear a voice saying to me: "Well, you are the deviant arn't you!" It forces me back and the door slams shut.

I do recognize right away that the dream is about a "new identity" I am still unraveling the meaning of the colors red black and white for me and I'm uncertain of what they might mean collectively as a color combination. The silver mask that appears earlier seems to have something to do with my artistic/spiritual side as I received a silver mask my second year of studio class in art. I am uncertain about the black mask. The whole dream has a feel of a "higher" nature in reference to education and identity....it felt like a guiding dream. Any thoughts?

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Re: The Dress Hall

Let me provide my interpretation of the images/actions and then a summary of what I see from the emerging patterns. I think you will realize the associations to your life. I broke the images/actions down by paragraphs

Images/Actions Interpreted

-back at high school-higher learning experiences/influential experiences from past
-art room-creative aspects
-college buddy-expanding positive horizons
-find friend Robert-find masculine aspects
-put things down to help her-stop doing the usual to better oneself
-out of class-feelings inadequate
-run into him-utilizing masculine energies
-small sculpture-hard to see things as they are/should be
-two spirals coming up from central pole-two aspects of creative self, one positive/one negative
-black mask-unconscious energies causing conscious conflicts/disguise of true self
-silver mask-valuable intuitive aspects
-Carrie/I leave Robert behind-positive aspects supporting the masculine
-girls bathroom used to be-replacing emotional aspects
-staircase to level non-exist waking life- accessing higher self
-worn wooden door-durable aspects in confronting barriers in life
-feel in art class-aware of creative aspects
-round corner-begin to find true self/becoming whole
-room flooded with light-aspects flooded with insights
-room is dress hall-feminine aspects which lead to whole self
-dress per person-individual persona
-Carrie exuberant-positive energies
-peach colored dress/old school southern style-original self
-strips off clothes/putting it on-making changes

-look around-searching
-drawn to red, black, white dress-blending conscious {white}/unconscious {black} energies {red}
-sleeves/bottom open/flowing-extension of true foundations into a conscious flow
-long and layered-powerful with many facets
-mine but indifferent-aware of but not utilizing all aspects
-uncertain it is right-confusion to whether it fits
-turn around to leave-going back to basics
-back at old wooded door-again confronting familiar barriers
-open it/ wind knocks me down-enlightened metaphysical energies
-voice-inner voice
-are the deviant-departing from the normal self/routine
-forces me back /door slams shut-barriers preventing from moving forward/progressing

The dream is definitely addressing creative aspects and a desire to expand those horizons. Of course in the process of doing this you elevate your whole self including the subservient ego {anyone who lives from the creative aspects has obtained a great measure of control of the inferior ego self}. There does seem to be issues of getting to the next level {thus requiring the use of 'masculine' aspects} but that is a part of the journey, always having to confront and neutralize the 'dragons'. My sense is you are at a point in life where you are making changes that could/would help you to achieve greater levels of creativity/enlightenment but there is a hesitance to getting there. You have confronted similar issues before but this is a new obstacle and at least for the moment you are 'pushed back'. Whether this is an internal 'blockage/barrier' or external {or both} only you can know. which is your true self}. I see your path as pretty much aligning itself with the hero/heroine journey as outlined in Joseph Campbell's Monomyth, you being the heroine in your own life and having to face the daily struggles of social duty as well as the inner psychological struggles we all possess. But again I sense a higher level of 'enlightenment' in your person and it is only a matter of time before you get to that higher level. 99% of the dream is focused on the positives and it is only in the last sentence is there a negative. Being the deviant is deviating may require not using past methods and using new approaches. Whatever that is forcing you back seems to possess strong energies and those are most often emotional related or issues of social duty {doing what is required in your personal life}.


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