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13 Grave Road

i had both these dreams on the same night.

We are moving house. Its somewhere near our old house where we lived for 11 years(old family house where we lived before we had kids, common place of dreams). I walk around all the back alleys looking at the redbrick houses and buildings, i notice schools with children playing. Sometimes I hover and float as i move around. I approach my new house and as i do i realise its the first time i have seen it, i have bought this house without ever even looking at it.

The address is 13 Grave Road (13 is my birthday and special number for me). When i get inside the kitchen is at the front of the house on the street. Its tiny and its dirty. There is a middle room with 3 large white armchairs in it, they take up all the room, there will never be enough room for my sons wheelchair. Then a large room at the back, open plan, with another small kitchen. I try to imagine how i can rearrange things so it can work for us. Perhaps we can dine in the middle room, but i dont want my lounge in the kitchen. I realise my other house was much better, what have i done?

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Re: 13 Grave Road

Although you posted the The Tysk Monument dream a few moments before I'll analyze these two dreams first. The Tysk dream seems to be focusing more on personality and causation whereas these dreams seem to be addressing current issues you are having to confront/resolve.

The 13 Grave Rd dream is looks to be addressing possible changes in your life. But there are considerations/qualifications to these changes that make you question whether it is the best thing to do. There is a need for some type of support. Whether it is emotional, monetary, general help or a combination is something only you can know. One consideration seems to relate to conflicts to do with the changes that would deny you the independence or put you in a worse position than you are in now. This would be associated with the language of 'never will be room for my son's wheelchair'. That has two applications. One would be a literal consideration of your son in relationship to the changes but with a second application where the symbolic meaning would be 'eliminating the potential to control your own life'. You would have to alter something about yourself or in your life to make the changes fit or satisfactory. Would these changes leave you better off or is the present position you are in/at in life a better choice despite those being less than the best? Here is my interpretation of the images/actions from the 13 Grave Road dream.

-13 Grave Rd-in a dire position/seeking wholeness {1+3=4}
-inside kitchen/front of house-important need for support
-middle room with 3 armchairs-conflict in positioning yourself to take control of your life
-take up all the room-powerful controlling aspect
-never be room for son's wheelchair-eliminating potential to stand on your on/consideration for son
-large room at back-strong unconscious aspects
-open plan another small kitchen-open to new possibilities but less appealing/acceptance
-rearrange things to work for us-altering self to make things work
-dine in middle room-sustaining by compromising
-don't want lounge in kitchen-can't relax by accepting less than what your true self requires
-other house better, what have I done-questioning whether changes is better than present position

The 'moving house' dream is a mixture of both the changes under consideration as well as personality motivations and attitudes. The changes you are considering in your current life will 'effect' necessary changes to who you are, changing yourself to adjust/fit/accept the changes I noted from the 13 Grave Road dream. A house in dreams is always pointing to the dreamer as 'the house' {or aspects related to the dreamer/house}. Near the old house is language directed at 'origins', previous experiences in life with the likelihood childhood experiences. This is usual dream function, outlining the personality/attitudes that motivate a person later in life. My sense this dream is about childhood foundations that define your deepest self, aspects that are unknown/not realized because they are unconscious energies and motivators. What you learned from your environment as a child, the experiences/influences from parents, family, school, etc. being the foundations for your personality traits and attitudes. These traits/attitudes are a part of the considerations for the changes in your current situation as defined in the 13 Grave Road dream. But they are unconscious influences, the attitudes developed in early life being something that would need to be changed internally. Whether it is being more independent and giving that up in order to make moves in your current situation, changes to your already independent attitude, or something else is something only you can know. You will have to make internal changes as well as external changes. You may be considering moving to a new house in your waking life but that would require a need to make 'moves' internally. You are unaware {but possible aware} of the unconscious aspects which would be represented by the dream language 'bought the house without looking'.
Here is my interpretation of the images/actions in the 'moving house' dream.

-moving house-changing yourself
-near old house-origins/foundations
-back alleys-unconscious aspects/those aspects not seen
-redbrick houses-emotional aspects
-schools with children-learning in childhood
-approach new house-seeking new self
-first time i've seen it-conscious realization of unconscious aspects
-bought house without looking-becoming who you are without knowing why

You can go to the The Tysk Monument dream post for my analysis of that dream. It is more about internal aspects.


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Re: 13 Grave Road

thanks gerry again for working on my dream in such detail, this was in fact tthe same dream, i wasnt very clear , what i meant was that both this and the tysk monument dream were on the same night.

I am facing a big change. I have struggled with my mother in law for approval for years and i have always let it go in the past because i was scared of her temper. But now i am trying to decide if its best to speak up and try to change things. She criticizes me. I realise she needs help and wont accept me till she has a better relationship with my husband. Will she take it the way i hope or will it make things worse? I do have to consider the impact of this on my children if it makes it worse. This is not something that comes naturally to me. I dont like conflict, i have always tried to smooth things over in the past as the cost of my own emotions but ive had enough. She presses buttons relating to my own mother and wanting her to love me when i was a child. So to try and move into a space where i no longer care if she loves me or not is a big change for me. I know i need to protect myself from her criticism. In the dream i also remember feeling bad about the house when i realised the name of the street.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39

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