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Whispers in different language

The dream started off innocently enough. I was watching children, my son included. It was a typical day (it seemed). Playing, preparing meals and so forth. Towards the middle of the dream, every thing went dark. It was almost I like I was trying to gather the children in one location in fear of their safety. As I enter into one room, that I thought was empty to put the children in to sleep. A man suddenly rises from a couch, walks around us (no face, just a shadow of a man) and circles back to the couch. I just remember asking "where am I?".

At this point I am scurrying the children to another location in the house, what seems to be another living room. I remember reaching for what I thought was a child, it wasn't. It was whispering in some strange language that I am not familiar with. I screaming at this "being" asking what it was, what did it want and the like. It stopped whispering in whatever language it was going on in, and whispered "I can see through you".

The last I remember of this part of the dream is reaching for my son and yelling. After this I found myself in an open field of sorts. Sort of resembled a roman amphitheater. Levels were dug out and cobble stone was used to hold back the earth. I was panicked, I was running, I was searching for my child. The last thing that occurred was that I threw an object before i woke up.

This dream was very frightening and words can't seem to describe the true atmosphere of the dream.

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Re: Whispers in different language

I am sensing issues/experiences to do with your childhood that relate in some manner to your own children. A 'collective' experience shared by you and them. It may apply to what was missing in your childhood and could do with 'masculine' aspects, perhaps a real person/man. This is what the first paragraph seems to be focused on {I break down the dream by paragraphs when proper structure is available}.

The second paragraph seems to be associated with your experiences as a child and using those to express power emotions into conscious actions as an adult. What you experienced in childhood is either being experienced with your own children {perhaps a fear they will have similar experiences} or/and you are expressing yourself in a conscious way because of the strong emotions related to your childhood experiences. It could be both.

The last paragraph seems to be addressing issues to do with repressed anger. You may be at a point in your life where you need to or are expressing this anger in a conscious way. You are trying to keep your emotions in check and have feelings of hopelessness. Your own childhood experiences seem to be associated with these emotions and repressed anger. What you experienced as a child may have associations to what is occurring in your life in the present.

As usual I will provide my interpretation of the images/actions to help your understand my analysis {remember, dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor}. You may recognize from these interpretations other associations to your life.

Interpretation of Images/Actions {by paragraph then the dream}.
First Paragraph
-watching children including son-taking notice of experiences/self and son
-typical day-experiences you are accustomed to, present and past
-playing/preparing meals-positively taking part in mending nourishing aspects
-middle of dream went dark-central to issue to unconscious emotions
-gather children one location in fear of safety-collective position/yourself as a child/your children/anxieties to do with welfare of self/children
-enter room- accessing particular attitude
-thought was empty-of emptiness/what's missing in your life
-put children to sleep-unconscious aspects you have put away related to childhood/children
-man rises from couch-examining masculine aspects/issues that need cleansing
-walks around us-prevalent emotions encompasses your psyche
-no face/shadow of man-not consciously recognized/outline of emotional conflict
-circles back to couch-issues that come back around/recollection/repeat experiencing

Second Paragraph
-scurrying children to another location in house-provoking memories of childhood experiences in another part of self/present life
-another living room-another experience of who you are
-reaching for childhood-extension of own childhood experiences
-it wasn't-what you think childhood should be but is not
-was whispering in strange language-unconscious expressing what is not understood
-screaming at being asking what it was-power emotions
-stopped whispering-unconscious aspects becoming conscious actions
-whispered I can see through you-seeing the truth

Third Paragraph
-reaching for son/yelling-repressed anger because son's experience
-open field-open to true emotions
-roman amphitheater-normal aggressive emotions
-levels dug out-levels of inner experiences
-cobblestones used to hold back earth-strength to keep in check true emotions
-panicked/running/searching for child-feeling helpless/not dealing with emotions/searching for what is missing from childhood
-threw object-projecting experiences


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Re: Whispers in different language

Thank you. This should've probably been obvious to me. Maybe it was just too terrifying for me to actually comprehend. I appreciate your time in responding. I will donate as soon as I can, which will more than likely be towards the end of next week. Once again, thank you.

Re: Whispers in different language

I assume I touched on some issues that are relevant to your life. Often dreams are thought of as nothing more than nonsensical nothing but in fact they are nature's way of helping resolve emotional issues. By showing what the issues are {but in a symbolic/metaphorical language-the house is you} the dream is attempting to inform the dreamer there are unresolved emotional issues that continue to affect the dreamer's life. Just as the body has the immune system to protect and heal, the psyche/mind has the dream.

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Re: Whispers in different language

Yes, the interpretation basically nailed issues I have been trying to come to terms with for quite some time. It should've been obvious, though I think with all the ghost shows I watch the critter speaking a different language led me to think I was being haunted (don't laugh at me, lol). I would love to contribute (albeit I can't do a lot) to a good cause, I have a few rescue kitties myself.

Re: Whispers in different language

I appreciate the reply confirming my analysis. It is pretty much set that dreams can be properly and correctly interpreted when viewed as having a language of symbol and metaphor. Dreams are about the emotions and reflect the dreamer's state of mind at the time of the dream. There are different layers of dreams where the symbolic images/actions on one hand will address recent experiences that possess emotional energies due to their conflicting nature. On another level the dream will be addressing deeper issues related to past experiences with emotional energies including those from early life where personality and personal attitudes have their foundations. It is difficult if not impossible to name the exact personal experiences, I can only outline the emotional energies that underlie the energies {I can see anger in the dream as an example} as well as the foundations to the personality/attitudes that motivate the dreamer to act in a particular way. Your dream started out with the language, "I was watching children, my son included." That pretty much directs me not only to your childhood and issues formed during those early years but also current emotional experiences that 'include' your son {the inclusion of close family members/people is one of the few times a literal application will apply in dreams}. The 'fear for their safety' pretty much set the pattern for what the dream was trying to communicate. Your safety as a child and your son's safety in the present. The last part of the dream where the translation is of feelings helpless would be a current conscious emotion {the first level} as well as the other level where unconsciously you are projecting your own experiences on your son because he is either in the same position or there is a threat or fear he will be. This is where you were emotionally when you had the dream.

Contribute only if you can. If you have kitties that need taken care of I rather they receive the benefits. All kitties {and puppies and other animals} desire a better life. They are dependent on us humans and too often we don't do all that can be done to care for them.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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