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I dreamt of a Dragon

I had a dream about a dragon. I had something it wanted, yet it did everything in its will not to hurt me. It would attack people who I came into contact with but when I was alone it would never pursue me - it would just fly around me. Not in a way like a predator stalking its prey but it almost seemed playful. The dream its self kind of throw me off because in all honesty I don't think much of dragons or things like that so I'm just wondering what it all means.

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Re: I dreamt of a Dragon

The first thought that came to my mind when I read your dream was lucid dreaming. Do you have lucid dreams and if so do you 'play' with them? I have reservations about lucid dreaming because too much play and not letting the natural aspects of dreams take place can dilute what dreams are supposed to do {dreams are nature's tool to help resolve emotional issues/conflicts}.

Other than that.
Dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor which addresses the dreamer's emotional energies {usually negative emotions/issues}. Your dragon does seem to point to positive experiences but could on deeper inspection denote something negative. Your positive dragon may be addressing tendencies of getting carried away by your passion or enthusiasm of something. But if this passion or enthusiasm gets in the way of responsibilities it may lead to negative connotations. Depending on what your dragon wants may determine what it means in your dream.

Your dragon is a part of you or an aspect of your psyche {you are the dragon}. What it does is what you are doing, have done or need to do. I'll examine your dragon in this context.
In effect you are doing everything you can not to hurt yourself {especially emotionally but could involve physical actions/activities}. What may be under attack could be conscious attitudes, attitudes that may serve to please/serve you temporarily but could be harmful overall {again, most all dreams are addressing emotional issues that need correcting or resolution}. The dragon attacking people you come in contact with could point to attacking anything that goes against the attitudes you possess. It doesn't attack when you are alone which may suggest it is something you do when you are alone or something you do alone. It could also point to issues to do with 'being isolated', alone without others in your life {these would be personal experiences only you can know and I can only suggest}. You will need to determine if any of the suggestions fit {it is a short dream and likely had more to it than you posted or remembered}.

Let's look at the positive possibilities. Your dragon isn't pursing you which could suggest it isn't something that isn't a big issue or you are worried about. That is a positive but if it is something you are ignoring then it could be trouble. It is just flying around you which could represent 'getting above yourself'. But it could also represent being liberated which would go back to positive possibilities. It isn't a predator nor stalking you but is just playful. That could point to positive possibilities which could be reflecting a positive attitude you have toward yourself or in your life. But what is positive and you tend to play too much with could be trouble if it is too much play and not enough work/taking care of responsibilities {addressing all possibilities}.

What could be important was the feelings or impression you had of the dream after you woke from sleep {REM sleep is when we usually dream}. You state it 'kind of threw you off' which may be a message in itself. Feelings about a dream or an image/action in a dream is part of the dream. This could be pointing to something you do a lot and enjoy but may not realize its consequences {if it gets in the way of a good balance in your life/play and responsibilities}. What you think of dragons, or that you do not think of them at all doesn't really mean a lot. It is a symbolic image representing something within or about you.

All in all is there any activities you participate in that you enjoy? Dragons can represent your need to learn to exercise self control in some aspect of your life. If you know this and just play with it then it may point to a lack of self control. You may feel it won't hurt you but the attitude you have {and developed from early life/childhood} could cause problems later on. What you need to do is determine what your dragon is. Read the possibilities I have listed and then compare them to your life and see if you can get a fit.


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